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The Reality of Prison Transfers in “Orange is the New Black”

We discussed on June 10th, the realism of prison life on the hit show, “Orange is the New Black.” The second season’s first episode  revealed again  realistic conditions of prison life. The viewers watched the main character, Piper, awakened during the night for a transfer to another prison. Over the next fifteen minutes, we watched […]

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The John Dillinger Syndrome Revisited

John Dillinger, as a teenager, had a petty criminal record. Before he was thirty, Dillinger robbed a grocery store of $50.00. Dillinger’s father, after discussion with the prosecutor, convinced his son to plead guilty without the benefit of a defense attorney. John Dillinger was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. While in prison, […]

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The Myth of Prison Double-Bunking

What is prison double-bunking? I checked several dictionaries for a definition and there was no dictionary result. Any inmate can define double-bunking. Double-bunking is the prison practice of placing two inmates in each cell. Prisons practice double-bunking because they lack sufficient cells for the number of inmates. Most cells were built for one occupant. Most […]

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