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Ramen Noodles–The New Prison Currency

Michael Gibson-Light, a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona School of Sociology has reported after conducting research at an Arizona State prison on prison labor that Ramen Noodles is the currency of choice for inmates. Traditionally, cigarettes were the underground currency between inmates. Because of the cut back on meals, quantity and quality, inmates […]

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Facebook, Prison, & Solitary Confinement

  The South Carolina Department of Corrections has imposed the most extensive and harshest use of solitary confinement as a punishment for inmates using Facebook. The Electronic Frontier Foundation issued a report revealing that South Carolina’s Department of Corrections equates an inmate “creating and/or assisting with a social networking site”—the same as an inmate committing […]

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Inmates over Fifty

The American Civil Liberties Union issued a report in 2013 about elderly inmates.  The elderly inmate population has increased 1300 percent since the early 1980’s. The federal government and the states spend more than $16 billion a year to jail aging inmates. The report  concluded that almost all inmates over 50 are not a threat […]

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The Holiday Season in Prison

Based on personal experience and observation, the prison holiday experience is bleak and dismal. Despite their tough demeanor, the young inmates are affected the most. When you walk by the telephones, you will hear the longing for home in the voice of a young man covered with violent tattoos. Although some correctional officers will act […]

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U.S. Sentencing Commission Chooses Fairness in Federal Drug Sentencing

On July 18th, the US Sentencing Commission elected to give 46,000 federal inmates serving excessive sentences for drug charges the ability to file motions for reduced sentences. The US Sentencing Commission in April voted unanimously that federal drug sentences were unfair and were excessive punishments. The Human Rights Watch had requested the Commission to make […]

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Prison Rape

Sad to say, but many in the outside world snicker and smirk at prison rape. Reader’s comments about internet articles on prison rape reflect the attitude that sexual violence is part of doing the time for the crime. In 2003, Congress unanimously passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act, designed to educate inmates about their rights and […]

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