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Private Prison Companies Love Pres.Trump!

Private prison companies supported Donald Trump during the presidential campaign and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his inaugural committee. In 2018, private prison companies  were rewarded by the Trump administration. The Federal Bureau of Prisons will transfer more inmates from federal facilities to private prisons, according to a memo, sent within the Bureau.. At […]

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Session Shows Holiday Spirit by Protecting Debtor’s Prisons

The Obama Justice Department issued in 2016, a letter condemning debtor’s prisons that have existed in a dozen states ( i.e. Alabama, Georgia, etc.). The letter was a response to the ACLU and other groups investigative efforts which revealed, that poor people were incarcerated without a hearing, because of their inability to pay fines, fees for […]

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Trump Declares Opioid Emergency: Too Little!

Pres. Trump is declaring an opioid nationwide health emergency, but is not issuing a national disaster emergency ( i.e. hurricane Harvey). The difference is major, only the national disaster emergency designation allows for additional federal funding to fight the “Opiate Epidemic” sweeping our country. The National Center for Health Statistics issued a preliminary report indicating […]

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Trump, DACA Dreamers, Immigration & Private Prisons

President Trump issued an executive order directing immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) to locate and lockup undocumented immigrants. Ice’s new policy included imprisoning undocumented immigrants without a criminal record. During September, Attorney General Sessions ended the protection for Daca Dreamers. The dreamers are undocumented immigrants, who were brought to the United States as children–many were under […]

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Trump & Sessions End Justice-Prison Reform

Between 1970–2008, our lock-up rate increased five hundred percent. The United States has more inmates and prisons than both Russia and China combined. We have approximately 2.3 million inmates and about 6 million individuals on parole or probation. There are numerous reasons for our mass incarceration crisis. First, we need to acknowledge and recognize that […]

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Did Trump, Putin, and Assad–Hypothetically?

Hypothetically, if Putin interfered with our 2016 election, to help candidate Trump, did Trump, Putin, and Assad orchestrate last week’s events. The Assad family are extraordinary survivors. Bashar Assad’s father, Hafez al-Assad ruled Syria for over four decades. His brutal reign was exemplified by the Syrian’s army destruction of the Syrian city, Hama, and the […]

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Our New Country–Trumpistan

What has happened to our United States? In one week, the United States became another country–Trumpistan. The country of immigrants has become anti-immigrants or to be more precise, anti–certain immigrants. Our “Dear Leader” has inaugurated an era of blacklists. All of us watched individuals, from Trump’s banned list, interviewed at the airports. Iraqi Muslims, who […]

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