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Pres. Obama Believes in 2nd Chances for Released Inmates

      On November 2, President Obama visited a drug rehabilitation center in Newark, New Jersey. He emphasized that released inmates should have a second chance to become  productive members of society instead of a “return ticket to prison.” Later at Rutgers University Law School, he stated, “There are people who have gone through tough […]

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Dear Presidential Candidates: “Mass Incarceration Crisis”

    For the first time in a modern presidential election,  candidates from both parties are talking about our “Mass Incarceration Crisis.”Before this upcoming election, candidates usually ignored this epidemic that has infected our country for several decades. The candidates looked away because they knew that convicted felons did not vote and that most Americans did […]

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Alabama Prison Panel – Who’s Missing?

In Auburn, Alabama a panel was convened to discuss the many problems of Alabama’s prisons. The forum was composed of the local sheriff, a county commissioner, nurses, prison ministry volunteers, inmate’s families, college students, and others. Auburn First Baptist Church hosted the forum, coordinated by the David Mathews Center for Civic Life and the Alabama Media […]

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Re-Entry Programs & Recidivism: The Connection Continued

San Francisco understands what is necessary in order to lower recidivism and prison overcrowding. Unlike many probation departments and prison systems, San Francisco’s counselors look to what is needed for a released inmate in terms of housing, employment, health care, and drug rehabilitation. The probation department has even picked up returning citizens from prisons to […]

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Inmates with Green Thumbs

From east coast to west coast, gardens are flourishing in prison yards. “We believe that everybody has a heart and everybody has a chance for transformation,” said Beth Waitkus, the director of the Insight Garden Program that started 10 years ago at San Quentin prison. Waitkus has taught inmates how to plant flowers, take care […]

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Re-entry and Second Chances

This posting was originally titled in September, “Skilled Jailhouse Lawyer Is Now in Law School, Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates.” It is the true story of a reformed bank robber who served ten years in federal prison. While serving time, he found a calling and a need to help other people.  Shon Hopwood is […]

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