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Private Prisons love Trump

Photo–Business Insider In August 2016, before Trump became our president and fired Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Yates stated that the Obama administration was starting the phasing out of private prisons for the federal government. Audits and studies revealed that private prisons were not cost effective, but actually provided poor care. The Office of Inspector […]

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Prison Reform under Trump?

Photo–Getty What do we know about our future president’s policies on prison reform. We do know that private prison’s stocks sky rocketed the day after he was elected. CoreCivic’s (formerly Corrections Corporation of America) shares increased 43 percent. Private prison’s stocks had fallen over the last 18 months after government reports revealed inadequate services for […]

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Prison World–Clinton vs. Trump Debate

During the first presidential debate, Clinton called for reform of our system of justice. In Clinton’s April 2015 speech on criminal justice reform, she listed five points which included the end of private prisons. In the first presidential debate, Clinton renewed her call to end private prisons. She praised the Department of Justice’s announcement that […]

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Private Prisons for Profit

In August, the United States Justice Department announced that the Federal Bureau of Prisons will phase out the use of private prisons. This decision was based partly on a declining federal inmate population, but also on the multiple deficiencies of private prisons compared to federal government managed prisons. The Office of Inspector General released a […]

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A Requiem for Private Prisons

A Requiem for Private Prisons and a Last Call too. Catholic readers of this site probably know the meaning of the word “requiem.” A Requiem Mass is celebrated for the souls of the dead. This month’s one – two punch for private prisons suggests that we will soon be singing funeral dirges for private prisons […]

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CCA and Medicare Fraud

The private prison industry takes in over $5 billion per year in revenue. Companies like Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut Corrections) employ thousands of people across the United States. Other vendors provide specific services to government correctional facilities such as food preparation and inmate healthcare. The Justice Department says that […]

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Whistleblowing–Another Weapon Against Inmate Abuse

  “Whistleblower” originates from the whistle used by a referee to call an illegal or foul play. The term also has referred to an individual who has exposed illegal, dishonest, or fraudulent conduct within an organization or company ( private or public). The whistleblower’s information can vary from violations of the companies rules and procedures […]

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Sen.Bernie Sanders Understands our Broken System of Justice

Sen. Bernie Sanders understands that our system of justice is broken. The United States has 25% of the world’s inmates and only 5% of the world’s population. Sen. Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate has proposed new legislation that will help with this crisis. He stated on Tuesday, “My legislation will eliminate federal, state and local contracts […]

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Lake Erie Prison: Private Prison Bubble Pops

The debate about the benefit of private prisons as opposed to state prisons grows even stronger as more information is released from the Ohio state audits of this Lake Erie Correctional Institution.  Last month, we discussed the initial information that was made public about this controversial privately owned Ohio facility.   The following article reported that […]

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