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Criminalizing Mental Illness

  United States is addicted to incarceration. We have 25% of the world’s inmates and only 5% of the world’s population. This national crisis is partly caused by the incarceration of many Americans who are mentally ill. The following research graphic shows the United States—“Criminalizing Mental Illness.” This graphic was provided by one of our […]

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Sexual Abuse of Mentally Ill Inmates

The statistics are shocking. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are almost 2.4 million Americans incarcerated in our prisons and jails. Close to one million inmates have mental illnesses. Approximately 200,000 inmates suffer sexual abuse each year. The vast majority of the sexually abused are inmates with psychiatric problems. Inmates with mental illnesses […]

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Bipartison Bill Would Reduce Prison Overcrowding

It is recognized that many prisons in the United States are overcrowded and do not rehabilitate inmates. The use of mandatory minimum prison sentences for nonviolent offenders has helped create the world’s largest prison population. The excessive imprisonment of nonviolent offenders is part of a national problem–exploding costs for state and federal prison budgets. A […]

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Better Options for Non-violent Inmates

Prisonpath has posted several article about better options for nonviolent inmates. More and more states are finally realizing that overcrowded prisons are caused by incarcerating too many nonviolent inmates. Our February posting on overcrowded prisons cited the absurd statistics on our excessively high inmate population. We are number one in the world for the largest […]

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Overcrowding in Prisons – At What Cost?

Overcrowding in Prisons It is 2013, and the United States still is number one in the world for the most prisons and prison population. Even China, with its Communist government and the largest population in the world is a distant number two. There are many reasons for our excessive correctional system. The draconian punishments implemented […]

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Dangerously Overcrowded Prisons

It is public knowledge that the nation’s prisons are not just overcrowded, but dangerously overcrowded. Every year, we hear of new programs that will be implemented to correct this crucial societal problem. In the outside world, there are some who will argue that prison overcrowding is not their problem or society’s worry. Common sense should […]

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HUFFINGTON POST: California Prison Overcrowding, Prisoners To Go Back To CA

This article comes to us courtesy of California Watch. With severe overcrowding easing in state lockups, California is winding down a controversial deal with the nation’s biggest private prison operator and will bring thousands of inmates housed in facilities as far away as Mississippi back to California within the next few years. Currently, some 9,500 […]

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