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Foxes Guarding the Chicken Coop – Updated

In May, Prisonpath posted an article about the cozy arrangements between Baltimore guards and the Black Guerrilla Family — the state’s largest prison gang. Tavon White, one of the gang’s leaders, pleaded guilty to various charges on August 6, 2013, in federal court in Baltimore. He admitted using corrections officers to smuggle in cellphones, tobacco, […]

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Even Gangs Have Secretaries

Administrative Professionals Day (also known as Secretaries Day) is an unofficial holiday in the United States acknowledging the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. The holiday is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April each year since 1952. We never think of the complications of running a gang. There are […]

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Prison Gangs

Gangs are rampart throughout the prisons of the United States. Even if you are not connected to the correctional system as an officer or inmate, the public is now aware of gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Bloods, the Crips, Dead Man Incorporated, and etc. The prison gangs are responsible for much of the […]

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Lake Erie Prison: Private Prison Bubble Pops

The debate about the benefit of private prisons as opposed to state prisons grows even stronger as more information is released from the Ohio state audits of this Lake Erie Correctional Institution.  Last month, we discussed the initial information that was made public about this controversial privately owned Ohio facility.   The following article reported that […]

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