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2018 Not 1820–No Shackling: Women Giving Birth

The proposed Prison Justice Reform bill (The First Step Act) includes a significant provision prohibiting placing pregnant prisoners in shackles, during labor-birth. Unfortunately, The First Step Act, will apply only to the federal prison system, and not to state and local jails and prisons. Depending on the jurisdiction, what actually happens to an incarcerated woman giving […]

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Pregnant–Locked Up

  It is just common sense to keep pregnant women out of jail, who are waiting for their court date. Jails, unlike prisons, hold defendants waiting for their day in court, or defendants sentenced to less than 12 months for misdemeanors (minor charges). A bill to protect pregnant inmates was borne (bad pun) in Cook […]

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“To Prison For Pregnancy”

In the spirit of the Golden Globe Awards, PrisonPath has focused on Brave New Films, a non-profit and non partisan organization. Brave New Films, through videos, has highlighted social issues that are often overlooked by many Americans. Their latest video revealed that many of our states are using laws (feticide laws) that were legislated to […]

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Labor & Birth, in Prison– “Orange is the New Black”

  Daya Diaz, one of the main characters in the hit series, “Orange is the New Black,” is pregnant. As an inmate, Daya’s experience giving birth, will be far different from pregnant women in the outside world. While giving birth, many pregnant inmates are shackled during labor and post delivery recuperation. During the last fifteen […]

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33 States Allow Shackling of Pregnant Inmates During Labor

33 out of 50 is a failing grade for the United States. The American Medical Association in a 2010 resolution called the practice of shackling pregnant inmates unsafe, medically dangerous, and “barbaric.” Many physicians and nurses assert that shackling pregnant inmates during any stage of the pregnancy is damaging to the pregnant mothers and their […]

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Pregnant Prison Inmates – Shackles or No Shackles

Pregnant in Prison It is hard to believe that in 2012, in the United States, that pregnant prison inmates are still shackled during labor and childbirth. The International Business News in the following article reports that Virginia will no longer continue with restraints that prohibit movement during labor and birth. While  reading this article, you […]

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