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The Elderly in Prison – Updated

Australia is now considering their first dedicated prison for the elderly. The prison-nursing home would be built in western Victoria. The state and federal prison systems in the United States should adopt and implement this progressive approach regarding the increasing aged population incarcerated in our prisons. The American Civil Liberties Union issued a report in […]

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Rehabilitation & Recidivism

It is no surprise that effective rehabilitation equals reduced recidivism. Reduced recidivism means less crime, more stable families, reduced prison budgets, and at the end of the day—A better society.  The inmates who completed the California industries program during the period of 2007–2011 had a 7.13 percent recidivism rate. A study by the Pew Center […]

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Overcrowding in Prisons – At What Cost?

Overcrowding in Prisons It is 2013, and the United States still is number one in the world for the most prisons and prison population. Even China, with its Communist government and the largest population in the world is a distant number two. There are many reasons for our excessive correctional system. The draconian punishments implemented […]

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Private vs. Public Correctional Prisons – No.3

The controversy over private prisons vs. public prisons rears its ugly head again. PrisonPath.com has discussed in other posts the issue of profit for companies that oversee private prisons. The following article reports that audits by the state of Ohio reveal major problems at Lake Erie Correctional Institution consisting of inadequate staffing, poor medical care, […]

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Private vs. Public Correctional Facilities – Revisited

According to the following article, the inmate population has increased in private prisons by 1664 percent during the period of 1990 – 2009. As in our original post, there is a connection between private prisons, profit, increased prison population, racism, and recidivism. The adherents of prison privatization argue that a need is fulfilled by private […]

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Dangerously Overcrowded Prisons

It is public knowledge that the nation’s prisons are not just overcrowded, but dangerously overcrowded. Every year, we hear of new programs that will be implemented to correct this crucial societal problem. In the outside world, there are some who will argue that prison overcrowding is not their problem or society’s worry. Common sense should […]

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