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Racial Bias in our Prisons

It was announced yesterday that Gov. Cuomo of New York has launched a formal inquiry into racial bias in New York’s state prison system. The New York state probe was the result of an investigation–news report by the New York Times. The newspaper’s report revealed that black prisoners were punished at higher rates than white […]

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Changing Solitary Confinement

For many years, lonely voices in the wilderness have cried out against the abusive use of solitary confinement in American prisons and jails. The pleas for reasonable use of this punishment were ignored because our prison systems were focused on punishment and not rehabilitation. The failure of the punishment policy is demonstrated by the United […]

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Sad Week for Lower Recidivism

It was just last month that discussed, in Inmates are Coming, that Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a plan to offer college programs at ten New York state prisons. Immediately, there was an outcry against this program. The program would have offered associate and bachelor degree education at 10 prisons, one in each region of the […]

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