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New Study: Incarceration Price Tag–1 Trillion Plus

Washington University reported that prior estimates of annual incarceration costs of 80 billion is not even close to the actual price of our jails and prisons. Carrie Pettus-Davis, Director of the Washington University’s Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice and a co-author of the study, stated, “We find that for every dollar in corrections costs, […]

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Addiction,Treatment, & Mass Incarceration Crisis

The United States has 25% of the world’s inmates and only 5% of the world’s population. A major cause of our incarceration crisis lies in our approach to individuals with addictions. 85% of of the United States prison population have serious addiction issues. Drugs and alcohol addictions directly or indirectly have caused inmate’s offenses. The […]

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Trump & Sessions End Justice-Prison Reform

Between 1970–2008, our lock-up rate increased five hundred percent. The United States has more inmates and prisons than both Russia and China combined. We have approximately 2.3 million inmates and about 6 million individuals on parole or probation. There are numerous reasons for our mass incarceration crisis. First, we need to acknowledge and recognize that […]

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Dear Hillary and Bernie: The “F” Word & The Mass Incarceration Crisis

Dear Bernie and Hillary, Eliminating private federal prisons and their lust for profit (at the expense of inmates and correctional officers) is one small step toward ending our mass incarceration crisis. As presidential candidates, your platform should consist o;reforming our harsh sentencing laws for nonviolent offenders, stop the imprisonment of the mentally ill, provide drug […]

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6,000 Federal Inmates Early Release

  The proposed early release of 6,000 federal inmates is a major announcement, but still just one small step in reducing our national mass incarceration crisis. This nationwide release is scheduled between October 30–November 2. 8500 more federal inmates are scheduled for early release between November 1–November 1, 2016. During 2013, Eric Holder Jr.,the attorney […]

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Dear Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders,

  Proponents of prison reform were somewhat pleased  by your bill filed last week to end private prisons for federal, state, and local inmates. Private prisons are criticized for  their primary goal of achieving profit instead of providing a safe environment for inmates and correctional officers. Presidential candidate Sander’s bill would end all government contracts […]

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