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New Study: Incarceration Price Tag–1 Trillion Plus

Washington University reported that prior estimates of annual incarceration costs of 80 billion is not even close to the actual price of our jails and prisons. Carrie Pettus-Davis, Director of the Washington University’s Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice and a co-author of the study, stated, “We find that for every dollar in corrections costs, […]

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FCC Gives Valentine Present to Inmate’s Families & Friends

On February 11, the FCC’s new regulations to curb the predatory telephone charges for inmate’s families and friends were implemented. Before these new regulations were enacted, interstate phone calls between inmate’s families and their family members in prison were costing $1.00 or more a minute. The new rate caps are 25 cents for a collect call, 21 cents […]

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Predatory Prison Telephone Companies – Updated

The outcry against the telephone companies that control the state prison phone industry is now focused on the county jail phone industry. In both cases, the inmate’s families suffer excessive fees for maintaining contact with their family member who is incarcerated. The prison gives an exclusive contract a telephone company which charges outrageous fees. The […]

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A Victory Against Predatory Telephone Rates has posted articles in the past months about predatory telephone rates that victimize inmate’s families. The FCC after many years of complaints is investigating the unconscionable charges of certain telephone companies. It is a pleasure to finally see a David vs. Goliath victory. The following article reports the settlement against one telephone company in […]

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