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What Really Happens in American Jails

Will prisons ever open up to journalists? Too often, public officials have the final say on how much the public knows about what happens in America’s jails By Jessica Pupovac (Credit: iStockphoto/gioadventures) This article originally appeared on The Crime Report, the nation’s largest criminal justice news source. Many states make it extremely difficult for journalists […]

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Texas Inmates Die from Heat

For the last three years, has posted numerous articles about inmates dying from extreme heat in Texas state prisons. Between 2007 and 2015, at least 14 inmates have died in Texas from heat-related causes. One inmate, Alexander Togonidre, was found dead in his cell with a body temperature of 106 degrees. Since 1998, some […]

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Torture in our Prisons and Jails

The news media was focused this week about the CIA, interrogations, and torture. Many Americans are shocked at the actions of the CIA, but you do not have to look at the CIA for examples of torture by Americans. Every month, inmates in the United States suffer from intentional and gross negligent actions of prison […]

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Prison Path Excerpt: “The Laughing Inmate” A Snapshot of Prison Life

From the creator of As part of my sentence, I was incarcerated for fifteen months in the Maryland state prison system. My prison path initially consisted of two weeks local time at Clarksburg prison in Montgomery county, and almost 15 months in the Maryland state correctional system. I was imprisoned at Baltimore DOC, MCTC […]

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Two Volume Report – Prison Misconduct in California

Prison misconduct exists throughout the United States. There are correctional officers involved in sexual harassment and the smuggling of contraband such as cell phones and drugs to inmates. The vast majority of correctional officers and civilian employees are not involved in such activities, but are just performing their jobs and bringing home paychecks. Each prison […]

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Texas Correctional Officers Union’s Opinion of Private Prisons

Prisonpath has posted several articles about the continuing controversy about private prisons vs. public prisons. In our last article on this crucial issue, major problems at Lake Erie Correctional Institution were reported consisting of inadequate staffing, poor medical care, and deplorable living conditions. Corrections Corporation of America took over the 1,700-bed prison in 2011. By 2012, […]

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Inmate Abuse: A Video Account from the Country of Georgia

© 2012 Human Rights Watch Inmate Abuse More Coverage: Report of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment on Georgia (2010) Official Website of the Ombudsman of Georgia (in English) The abuse captured in this footage is profoundly disturbing. The authorities need to ensure full accountability – including criminal […]

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