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More Prisons vs. Rehabilitation & Mental Health Care

Governor Jerry Brown proposed to limit California’s overcrowded prisons by leasing more prison space.  Brown’s proposal consisted of spending about $315 million next year to house inmates in private facilities, county jails and out-of-state prisons. Fellow Democrats in the state Senate, led by Darrell Steinberg, condemned Brown’s $315 million proposal as a short-term fix. “Temporarily […]

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California Again – Prisons Sterilized 148 Women

Many of our states have serious problems with their prisons, and California is usually out front leading the pack. Last week, PrisonPath posted an article about the ongoing hunger strike by California inmates protesting abusive solitary confinement. The article praised the peaceful protest by the inmates. California officials in Sacramento have reported that 148 women […]

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Overcrowded Prisons Everywhere

The complaints are familiar; the overcrowded prison system is breaking down. There are three main causes for the dangerously overcrowded prisons: stricter sentencing by judges (especially with drug crimes), a slow justice system, and not sufficient funds to build new prisons. Is it California – no, it is Italy. The Italian prisons are at 140 […]

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Overcrowding vs. Public Safety

The latest polls from California show that most citizens are willing to reduce prison populations as long as public safety is not sacrificed. Over the last three years , we have watched Gov. Brown fight the federal courts about reducing the overcrowded prisons of California. In March, PrisonPath posted an alarming article about “Dangerously Overcrowded […]

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