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6,000 Federal Inmates Early Release

  The proposed early release of 6,000 federal inmates is a major announcement, but still just one small step in reducing our national mass incarceration crisis. This nationwide release is scheduled between October 30–November 2. 8500 more federal inmates are scheduled for early release between November 1–November 1, 2016. During 2013, Eric Holder Jr.,the attorney […]

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Government Shutdown Impacts Federal Prisons

Correctional officers are not receiving their paychecks even though the guards are working. The correctional officers are working not knowing when their paychecks will start again. Local union president and Federal prison employee, Jeff Roberts has complained that the correctional officers are not being paid, but the inmates are receiving their monies for their work. […]

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How Will Sequester Affect Prisons?

Sequester will have a drastic affect on prisons. Reduced working hours for correctional guards will result in unsafe conditions not only for inmates, but also for correctional guards. Have no doubt, in some prisons, there will be increased security issues because of sequester. The loss of income will place greater stress on correctional guards who […]

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