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Torture in our Prisons and Jails

The news media was focused this week about the CIA, interrogations, and torture. Many Americans are shocked at the actions of the CIA, but you do not have to look at the CIA for examples of torture by Americans. Every month, inmates in the United States suffer from intentional and gross negligent actions of prison […]

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Prison Path Excerpt: “The Laughing Inmate” A Snapshot of Prison Life

From the creator of As part of my sentence, I was incarcerated for fifteen months in the Maryland state prison system. My prison path initially consisted of two weeks local time at Clarksburg prison in Montgomery county, and almost 15 months in the Maryland state correctional system. I was imprisoned at Baltimore DOC, MCTC […]

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What Prison is Like in the Morning

There are many opinions about how to resolve the many problems of the American prison system. Why does the United States have more prisons and inmates than any other country. Why does the United States have a high recidivism rate? It may help the pundits if they had some familiarity with actual everyday life for […]

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Lake Erie Prison: Private Prison Bubble Pops

The debate about the benefit of private prisons as opposed to state prisons grows even stronger as more information is released from the Ohio state audits of this Lake Erie Correctional Institution.  Last month, we discussed the initial information that was made public about this controversial privately owned Ohio facility.   The following article reported that […]

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