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Bernie Sanders: Felons Should Vote in Prison

Disenfranchised Voters Sen Bernie Sanders announced at a town hall meeting in Iowa, for more states to join Vermont and Maine in allowing imprisoned felons to vote. Sanders stated,”I think that is absolutely the direction we should go.” The following infographic shows the states various voter restrictions for individuals involved in our justice system. Disenfranchised Voters […]

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Vote for Criminal Justice Reform–Vote Democratic

The outcome of the presidential election of 2016 will have a significant impact upon criminal justice reform. The remaining Republican candidates are silent about repairing our broken system of justice. With Gov. Christie and Sen. Rand withdrawing from the presidential race, do not expect any effort on the part of Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz […]

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Democratic Criminal Justice Reformation

Democratic candidates, Clinton and Sanders held another town meeting on March 13th, in Ohio. Both candidates answered questions about reforming the American system of justice. As it now stands, the United States has the most inmates and prisons in the world. Approximately 25% of the world’s inmates are in the United States, even though the […]

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The Democratic Faces of Prison Reform

President Obama , presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have advocated prison reform. All three have recognized and called for change to a justice system that has the most inmates and prisons-jails in the world. The United States has approximately 25% of the world’s inmates and about 4500 prisons and jails. The United States […]

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Only Bernie & Hillary Challenge Status Quo: USA 2015 Gold Medal for Most Inmates

  The Democratic presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, have challenged the status quo–the United States mass incarceration crisis. In 2015, the United States again won the top medal for the most inmates in the world. The United States, year after year, is awarded the Gold medal for the world’s largest inmate population at […]

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Dear Hillary and Bernie: The “F” Word & The Mass Incarceration Crisis

Dear Bernie and Hillary, Eliminating private federal prisons and their lust for profit (at the expense of inmates and correctional officers) is one small step toward ending our mass incarceration crisis. As presidential candidates, your platform should consist o;reforming our harsh sentencing laws for nonviolent offenders, stop the imprisonment of the mentally ill, provide drug […]

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Dear Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders,

  Proponents of prison reform were somewhat pleased  by your bill filed last week to end private prisons for federal, state, and local inmates. Private prisons are criticized for  their primary goal of achieving profit instead of providing a safe environment for inmates and correctional officers. Presidential candidate Sander’s bill would end all government contracts […]

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