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Washington County Regional Correctional Facility

Washington County Regional Correctional Facility

60 Stokes King Road, Greenville,, Mississippi 38701

Phone :
(662) 537-2000
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Washington County Regional Correctional Facility Visiting Information:

At all times while on the grounds of the Mississippi Department of Corrections a visitor is subject to search of his person, vehicle, personal property, or any/all items one may have in his possession. Guns, knives, ammunition, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or any instrument or tool that may be used as a weapon, or any other items declared by the institution to be contraband are strictly forbidden. Contraband will be confiscated and violators will be prosecuted.

Visitors are required to park their vehicles in the designated parking area.

Visitors are prohibited from taking personal property or articles of any kind into the institution, with the following exceptions:

1. Visitors may have a maximum of $20 in coin. Visitors seeing RID facility will not be allowed to have any money. A change machine is provided as a courtesy to those visitors wishing to use the vending machines in the visiting rooms. The change machines are located in the entrance buildings at Area-I, Area-II, and Area-III.

2. All paper currency must be converted to coin prior to admission to the visiting room. Any visitors found with paper currency in their possession in the visiting room will have their visit terminated and may be subject to suspension of future visiting privileges.

3. Visitors with infants may have one diaper bag with up to two diapers, and one bottle, one change of baby clothes, and any necessary medications for the infant. All diaper bags will be thoroughly searched. Visitors may use a clear see-through diaper bag to make for easier searches.

4. Visitors who are on any kind of prescribed medication may have the necessary dosage in their possession. However, all prescribed medicine must be kept at the front desk.

5. All other articles and/or items of any kind are prohibited. Cameras, cell phone cameras, or any type of recording devices are not allowed on the grounds of the South Mississippi Correctional Institution. Visitors must leave beepers, wallets, purses, handbags, change purses, and all other non-allowable items locked in one of the visitor lockers provided in the entrance building for Area I or lock them in their vehicles.

The visitation rooms are designated as non-smoking areas.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal possessions belonging to visitors while they are in or on the grounds of the institution.

Visitors will only be permitted to visit one offender unless they are related (immediate family) to another offender. Visitors who claim immediate family relationship to an offender may be required to provide verifiable proof of relationship.

Visitors under the age of eighteen (18) may visit, but must have on file with the institution the written permission of their parent or guardian. MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.

All visitors fourteen (14) years of age and older must have photographic identification

Visitors who claim to be the spouse of an offender must provide a valid certified copy of their marriage license, as well as the location where the marriage took place (state, county, city); name of the church, courthouse, etc., where the ceremony was performed; and if possible the name of the person who performed the ceremony.

Persons on probation, parole, or other forms of conditional release will not be permitted to visit an offender unless a verifiable family relationship can be established, and then only with the written approval of the Superintendent.

No more than five (5) persons (including babies/children) will be permitted to visit an offender at one time.


General Population Units – Saturday or Sunday, 0800 – 1400 hours. Each unit has its own assigned visitation days.

Special Treatment Units (STU) – First Saturday or Third Sunday, 1600 – 1700 hours.

· Maximum Security (“C” Custody) – 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday from 1600 – 1700 hours. “C” Custody offenders will be restricted to non-contact visits only. Visits must be limited to two hours and prearranged by appointment.

· Maximum Security (“D” Custody) – Except for attorney visits, offenders in “D” Custody will receive NO visitors.

· Because of space limitation, persons visiting STU offenders are limited to no more than two adults and one child or one adult and two children at a time.

· Punitive Isolation – Punitive isolation offenders are not permitted to receive visits.

RID offenders - 0800 – 1200 hours. 1 & 2 Phase offenders visit on the 1st and 3rd Saturday, 3 & 4 Phase offenders visit on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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9 Responses to Washington County Regional Correctional Facility

  1. josh byxbe July 26, 2012 at 3:07 am #

    Does the address on you ID have to match your current address if you just moved?

  2. Cpprince May 23, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    My mother is an inmate in the washington county correctional facility. She is considered to be minimum security and only in for an accident ruling. Well, my question is…..her mother is dying and has only been giving hours left to live, will they let her come home for the funeral? I have called the chaplin but she is out of the office and will have to return my call tomorrow and I’m worried sick about them not letting her come and she is already sick and devastated over the whole idea of not being there at all through this hard time. It’s killing all of us. Please help me with any truthful information that you may have. We all would very much appreciate your help. Thanks you, cp

    • PrisonPath May 23, 2013 at 11:09 pm #


      we have reviewed the prison’s website and the inmate handbook and could not find any procedure for funerals. I would recommend calling the warden’s office as well as trying the chaplain again.

  3. Carolyn Boudrey May 27, 2013 at 11:31 pm #

    Just wondering if there is another way other than using your debit card to put money on an inmates books?

    • PrisonPath May 28, 2013 at 1:28 am #

      Hi Carolyn,

      Please note the following information about sending money.

      Effective February 1, 2009 the Mississippi Department of Corrections will no longer accept money orders for inmate deposits. Any money orders postmarked after January 31st will be returned to sender.

      Send money to an MDOC inmate online or over the phone!

      In an effort to improve the efficiencies and security regarding inmate deposits, Access Secure Deposits now offers the following payment options for family and friends of MDOC inmates:

      Toll Free Phone Deposits Internet Deposit

      As low as $4.95 As low as $3.95

      1-866-345-1884 http://www.inmatedeposits.com

      Click on http://www.inmatedeposits.com to send money to your loved one today! Access Secure Deposits takes all MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. Additional information is also located on our website http://www.inmatedeposits.com under Frequently Asked Questions.

      Internet Website: http://www.inmatedeposits.com

      Phone Number: 1-866-345-1884

      Toll Free Phone Deposits – 866-345-1884

      ü Bi-Lingual Call Center Staff

      ü Accepts MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards

      ü Fees as low as $4.95

      ü Deposits allowed up to $300

      Internet Deposits – http://www.inmatedeposits.com

      ü 24/7 Availability

      ü Accepts MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards

      ü Fees as low as $3.95

      ü Deposits allowed up to $300

      In order to make a deposit using our secure website, you will need to create a profile on your first visit and have an active email address. Once you are registered, your deposit history and inmate recipient list will be saved for your convenience.

      Walk-In Cash Payment Deposits – Western Union Quick Collect™

      ü Over 45,000 Western Union locations

      ü Call 800-325-6000 or visit http://www.westernunion.com for locations near you

      ü Fees as low as $5.95

      ü Cash deposits allowed up to $5,000

      In order to make a Walk-In Cash Payment please follow these simple instructions:

      1. Go to a participating Western Union location

      2. Fill out the blue Quick Collect form and include the following:

      Quick Collect

      Pay To:


      Code City, State:

      MDOC, MS

      Account Number*:

      Inmate’s ID# and last name


      Inmate’s first and last name

      Posting Time:

      1 business day

      3. Turn in the completed form with your cash (including fee) to the Agent clerk.

  4. greg hoskins August 19, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    why does it take so long for inmates to get to rankin county

    • greg hoskins August 26, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

      if a inmate is given time in [MDOC] why does it take them so long to be transported to prison and they have to stay out there so long

  5. Carolyn Boudrey September 17, 2013 at 2:49 am #

    When my daughter is released will they let her use a regular phone to call me? I cannot get collect calls on my cell or home phone.

    • PrisonPath September 17, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

      Hi Carolyn,

      It depends on the officers at the time of the release.

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