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Work Release

Work Release provides a structured program that allows gradual transition from prison life to full-time living in the community and diversion options for the courts. This program presents an opportunity and means for the reintegration of offenders through participation in work, education, court mandated and voluntary treatment, training and skills building and counseling programs, while the Department maintains the safety of the public.

An offender enters the work release program by order of a court or is classified to participate by DOC officials. Offenders normally stay in work release less than one year, with the average stay of four to six months. Work release participants typically work for private employers. They must display pro-social behaviors such as honesty, responsibility and accountability. Random substance abuse testing is mandatory throughout their stay at PCCC. While employed full-time, offenders must pay a $25 per week room and board fee and $25 toward any court obligations that include costs, fines, child support and victim compensation. Persons working part-time pay $15 per weekly for the same obligations.

Through an established "Phase System" (Phase I - VI), offenders are permitted to spend time with an approved host, and to attend worship service, take care of personal shopping, etc. As they progress through the phases, they are granted increased freedom and responsibility. Routine and random curfew checks are conducted and occasional home visits.

Intensive Community Supervision Program (ICSP)

This program is responsible for supervising offenders in the community while they are awaiting space at a Level IV program. This program also supervises offenders convicted for certain motor vehicle offenses such as DUI and traditional work release offenders who live at home. Offenders are required to check in with their probation officers at PCCC a minimum of three times a week. They must maintain the established curfew and submit to random urine screens throughout their supervision. Additionally, probation officers make random field/home visits as part of the stepped up supervision regimen.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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