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Northeastern Correctional Center Visiting Information:

Institution Visiting Rules, Regulations, and Procedures:
Visiting hours at Northeastern Correctional Center are as follows:
Tuesdays 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Open to all inmates Visiting Room
Saturday 12:30 pm-3:30 pm A thru L Visiting Room
Saturday 6:00 pm-9:00 pm M thru Z Visiting Room
Sunday 12:30 pm-3:30 pm M thru Z Visiting Room
Sunday 6:00 pm-9:00 pm A thru L Visiting Room
Excluding Suffolk
County Holidays 12:30 pm-3:30 pm
6:00 pm-9:00 pm Open to all inmates Visiting Room
Visiting days and times may be subject to change. Please call the facility to verify visiting schedules.
**Holidays-Visitors are allowed to visit at either visiting period. No visitor shall be allowed to visit more than once per day. Inmates will be allowed to receive visits at both visiting periods.
Visitors will not be processed for entrance after 2:45pm for afternoon visiting hours or 8:00pm for evening visiting hours.
Visitors shall not be allowed on the property until the start of visiting hours.
Visitors may only be allowed to use the restrooms after being completely processed by the Visiting Room Officer.
All inmates are eligible to receive visits except those inmates who as a result of a disciplinary sanction have had their visiting privileges suspended. In addition, any inmate determined by the Shift Commander to pose a substantial threat to institutional security may also be restricted from access to the visiting room. It will be the inmate's responsibility to inform family and friends of any suspended visiting privileges and visiting rules and regulations
A total of 4 adults may visit an inmate at one time, with an unlimited amount of children. The length of visits will not be limited, however, due to space restraints it may become necessary for the Shift Commander to limit the length of visits during an over crowded visiting period. The decision to end a particular inmate's visit will be determined by a visitor's arrival time. Those visitors who have been in the visiting room the longest will be the first to be asked to leave.
Nothing in this section shall limit the access of attorneys, law students, and/or paralegal as authorized. These visitors will be allowed to visit in the Visiting Room at a table separated from the general population visits. The area will be visible to Visiting Room Staff, but will allow for confidential contact.
Special visits (family emergencies, extensive travel) will be approved through the Superintendent on a case by case basis. Clergy visits and DSS visits with minor children will be arranged through an inmate's Correctional Program Officer and the Director of Treatment. All information will then be forwarded to the Director of Security to coordinate the visit with the Shift Commander.
Children's conduct and actions are the responsibility of the accompanying parent(s) and/or legal guardian at all times.
Staff will issue a verbal warning to parents or guardians at the first instance when a child's behavior is determined to be reckless, loud, or disturbing. Subsequent behavior shall result in the termination of the visit for that day and possibly a more extensive bar if circumstances warrant.
A visitor may visit only one (1) inmate at NECC. Exceptions to this rule may be made for visitors when multiple family members are housed at the same facility and only with the written permission of the Superintendent.
A visitor may only visit once per day.
All visitors' must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents must present valid birth certificates for all minor children with the parent's name appearing on the birth certificate. Legal guardians accompanying minors must present legal documentation proving legal guardianship, as well as a valid birth certificate. Any minor visiting without their parent or legal guardian must have an approved Minor Consent Form as well as a valid birth certificate. The Minor Consent form must be approved by the Superintendent of Northeastern Correctional Center and specifically denote the adult accompanying the minor. These forms are available in the library, the Visiting/Recreation Building, or in the Superintendent's Office.
A child will not be allowed in the visiting room without the above mentioned paperwork.
No child who was a victim of the inmate's offense shall be authorized to visit without the authorization of the Commissioner or a designee.
No one may visit an inmate temporarily confined in an outside hospital (other than the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit). Inmate who are medically determined to be in critical condition or in imminent danger of death may be allowed to have visits if the Superintendent has provided authorization.
Visitors may drop off checks or money orders during visiting periods in the drop off box in the visiting room lobby. This should be done prior to the visiting period. There will be no receipts provided to visitors.
Public transportation schedules and Visiting Room rules are posted in the visiting room. A visitor may request a copy of these rules at the time of their visit.
Procedures for entering Northeastern Correctional Center:
All visitors visiting inmates will sign in with staff at the Visiting/Recreation Building. At that time, all visitors will complete the "Request to Visit an Inmate" form for staff review and present valid photo identification. A valid photo identification consists of a current driver's license, a valid passport, Military ID, alien immigration card, or a Department of Transitional Assistance card only. Anyone convicted of a felony shall not be allowed to visit without the written consent of the Superintendent of Northeastern Correctional Center. Felony approval forms are located in the visiting room lobby.
All vehicles are subject to being searched. All searches will be conducted in accordance with established policy. All visitors are required to lock their vehicles prior to entering the Institution. A vehicle found to be unlocked may result in the visit being terminated for the day.
All visitors are subject to search. All searches will be conducted in accordance with established policy. All visitors shall empty and turn out pockets of pants, shirts, and/or coats. All visitors are required to pass through a hand held metal detector prior to entering the visiting room. Each inmate visitors shall be scanned with a hand held metal detector prior to entering the visiting room. If the visitor does not pass the metal detector search, the Shift Commander shall be notified for permission to conduct a personal search of the visitor. The Shift Commander shall be responsible for ensuring that a certain number of inmate visitor personal searches are conducted each shift, each day there are visiting hours. Those visitors designated as personal searches shall remove their footwear, coat, and run their own thumbs along their waistband. All visitors that are required to submit to a personal searched shall sign an entry in the Visitor Search Logbook denoting that they have been searched. Any visitor that does not consent to a personal search shall be given the opportunity to leave the facility, unless:
-The employee has those arrest powers granted by MGL, C.127, S.127 and;
-The employee has probable cause to believe that the visitor has committed an arrestable offense; and
-The employee has probable cause to believe that the visitor has seizable evidence concealed on his/her person.
-A consent to search form needs to be authorized by the Institution Duty Officer for searches required above and beyond personal searches and metal detector searches.
Visitors shall not be allowed into the visiting room with any weapons, keys (other than locker keys) wallets, purses, food, beverages, medication, matches, lighters, cigars/cigarettes/tobacco products, cameras, tape recorders, radios, beepers, cellular phones, diaper bags, money, and/or jewelry (other that what is allowed in the Visitor's Dress Code). All items must be locked in a personal vehicle or in the lockers located in the lobby. Once items have been secured, access to these areas will not be allowed until the end of the visit, unless access to medication is necessary.
Lockers are provided as a convenience. The Institution is not responsible for any articles left within. Lockers cost twenty-five cents to activate.
Visitors shall not carry any guns or other weapons, controlled substances, alcohol, smoking material, tobacco and tobacco related products or any other articles whatsoever into or out of the institution. Any violation to this shall result in the loss of visiting privileges and criminal prosecution.
Attempting to introduce contraband or any article into or out of the Institution, or violation of institution visiting regulations may result in the revocation of visiting privileges, and/or arrest in accordance with M.G.L., Chapter 268, section 26-31.
Any person who delivers, procures to be delivered, has in his possession with intent to deliver to a prisoner, or whoever deposits or conceals in or about the institution any article with intent that a prisoner shall receive it and whoever, receives from a prisoner any article contrary to rules and regulations, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500.00 or by imprisonment in a State Prison for not more than three years or in a jail of House of Correction for not more than two and a half years.
Visitors deemed by the visiting room officer to be under the influence of drugs an/or alcohol will not be allowed to enter the facility.
Only visitors may use the pay phones located in the lobby of the visiting room. Inmates are not allowed to utilize these phones or be in the area while phones are being used.
All visits are restricted to the Visiting Room building. Visitors shall not wander around the lobby or grounds of the institution, and shall be restricted to the seating area only. All visitors will utilize the appropriate bathrooms located in the visiting room lobby.
Visitors and inmates will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the areas that they visit.
Smoking and possession of smoking materials is strictly prohibited.
Visitors shall be expected to dress and conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a public setting. Visitors and inmates will not engage in
inappropriate physical contact. Serious deviation from appropriate standards of behavior may result in administrative action being taken to include verbal warnings, termination of visit, and/or termination of visiting privileges
Disruptive actions that threaten the security or the orderly operation of the Institution shall result in the termination of the visit after approval of the Shift Commander. In all cases, Visiting Room staff will forward detailed reports to the Superintendent.
The Shift Commander and/or the Superintendent have the authority to cancel visits at any time due to security issues or inclement weather without prior notice.
Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 266, Section 123 states in part that it is considered to be criminal trespassing to refuse to leave an Institution after being ordered to do so by an Officer.
All chairs in the visiting room must remain facing the table. At no time are chairs to be placed at the end of the tables.
Inmates and visitors feet must remain on the floor at all times. At no time should they be draped over each other or otherwise entwined.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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  1. PrisonPath March 17, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    Inmate Money
    Inmates have two accounts, a personal account and a
    savings account. Upon admission, if an inmate is in
    possession of any money, it will be placed in the in-
    mate’s personal account. Inmates who obtain facility
    jobs, also called work assignments, are paid for those
    jobs. Inmates who work for MassCorr, the Department
    correctional industries program, are paid an hourly
    rate. Inmates who are assigned to jobs other than in-
    dustries program jobs are paid a daily rate. Half of the
    money that an inmate earns from a job is placed in
    his/her personal account and the other half is placed
    in his/her savings account. This division of inmate
    pay into the personal and savings accounts is dictated
    by state law. Inmates may spend the money in their
    personal account on canteen items or may send it to
    family and friends. The money that is placed in the
    savings account is given to inmates upon discharge
    from the Department. Inmates ordinarily cannot gain
    access to their savings account money while they are
    serving their sentences in the Department so that they
    will have money to spend in the community for basic
    necessities upon reentry. There are three exceptions to
    this general rule. These exceptions are for inmates
    who are serving life sentences for any offense; inmates
    who have been found to be Sexually Dangerous Per-
    sons and are civilly committed to the Massachusetts
    Treatment Center from a day to life; and inmates for
    whom a Superintendent has determined there exists a
    compelling need to gain access to those funds.
    Family members and/or friends of an inmate may
    arrange to have money deposited in an inmate’s per-
    sonal account. Money must be in an acceptable form
    for it to be deposited in the inmate’s account: money
    orders (completed with yo
    ur address, the inmate’s
    name and commitment number
    ), certified checks, or
    personal checks. Cash is not allowed under any cir-
    cumstances. Money orders, personal checks, and certi-
    fied checks are allowed to be mailed to inmates. When
    doing this, please remember to include the inmate’s
    commitment number on the order. Please keep in
    mind that personal checks can take up to 10 business
    days before being cleared by the bank. People may
    deposit money orders and checks for inmates in a des-
    ignated box at each facility or send them to the inmate
    via the US postal service.
    For additional information regarding Accounts, please
    refer to
    103 CMR 405, Inmate Funds
    which is accessi-
    ble at the Department’s internet website.

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