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Mississippi State Penitentiary

Mississippi State Penitentiary

590 Parchman Road 12, Parchman, Mississippi 38738

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(662) 745-6611
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Mississippi State Penitentiary Visiting Information:

Visiting an Inmate at MSP
MSP Visitation Department will be open Saturday through Wednesday.
Medium & Minimum Custody Offenders – Saturday or Sunday, 0900 – 1400 hours. Each unit has its own assigned visitation days.
Special Treatment Units –
Protective Custody Offenders - Minimum Custody - every Monday, (except 5th)
Medium Custody – 2nd & 4th Monday; Closed Custody – 3rd Monday.
Closed Custody Offenders – Unit 29 – 3rd or 4th Tuesday & 3rd or 4th Wednesday. (Please contact MSP Visitation Department for further information).
Closed Custody Offenders – Unit 32 – Alpha Building – 2nd Tuesday, Bravo Building – 1st Wednesday
Closed Custody General Population: Unit 29 -2nd Tuesday monthly; Unit 32–4th Tuesday
Behavior Management Program – NO VISITS
Death Row Offenders – 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Long-Term Administrative Segregation Status – One (1) hour non-contact visit on the 2nd Monday in the last month of each quarter with any approved visitor on their visitation list
Each offender is allowed to fill out a visitation list with ten (10) visitors. The list should be created at Receiving & Classification.
A visitor cannot be on two offender's list unless they are immediate family. Documentation is required.
Each visitor must have a valid state or federal ID.
All visitors 14 years of age and older must have photographic identification each time they wish to visit. Visitors will not be permitted entrance to any unit in the institution without photographic identification. The Superintendent or designee will approve any exception. Identification required will be Federal or State-issued photograph identification.
Visitors with infants may have one (1) diaper bag with up to four (4) diapers, two (2) bottles, one (1) change of baby clothes a, (1) pacifier and diaper wipes in a zip lock bag and any necessary medication for the infant.
Visitors are allowed to spend $25 at the Canteen; must be 18 years or older.
Visitors are scanned by the scanner and searched by staff before departing the visitation center.
Visitors will be processed through the Visitation Center between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
Visitors are bused to the units and the last bus leaves at 1:30 p.m.

Mississippi State Penitentiary Additional information:


Inmates may send and receive mail with exceptions. Exceptions include, but are not limited to:

Polaroid photos
Nude or explicitly sexual photos
Metal, glass, hard plastics or wooden items
Money orders, receipts of money orders or copies of money orders
Cassette/Video tapes/CD's
Hardback Books
Food items/hygiene/medical items
Writing material, including stamps, must be purchased from Canteen
Sexually explicit material is subject to rejection
All mail received must be received in a legal or letter envelope.

All incoming and outgoing mail shall be censored only if there is possible evidence of contraband, plans for criminal activity, instructions for the manufacture of weapons, drug, or drug paraphernalia, or alcoholic beverages, threatened blackmail or extortion, coded content not understood by the reader, or plans for activities in violation of MDOC rules.


Senders Name & Inmate Number

Current Housing Unit

Institution/Facility Address

City, State, ZIP


Inmate Name & MDOC Number

Current Housing Unit

Institution/Facility Name

Institution/Facility Address

City, State, ZIP

and must include a return address with the following information:

Senders Name

Current Address

City, State, ZIP

Outgoing legal or official mail will be sealed by the offender and will not be opened unless a determination from visual/electronic inspection reveals the envelope may contain contraband.


Publications must be pre-paid soft cover back books (order limit of 3).
Subscriptions and newspapers must be sent from the publisher, distributor or vendor.
Pre-paid publications that depict homosexuality (same as recipient), sadomasochistic, penetration of body orifice, bestiality, and/or involving children.

Mississippi State Penitentiary
Marshal Turner, Deputy Warden
662-745-6611 ext 4168

South Mississippi Correctional Institution
Ms Becky Reeves
601-394-5600 ext 1200


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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