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MCI - Concord

MCI – Concord

965 Elm Street, Concord,, Massachusetts 01742

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(978) 405-6100
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MCI – Concord Visiting Information:

Visitors are not allowed on state property until one (1) hour before the visiting period begins. Visitors are to leave the institution at the end of their visiting period and are not to loiter on state property. There are no exceptions. Visitors who fail to comply with this directive may lose their visiting privileges.
Visitantes solo están permitidos a entrar en propiedad estatal una hora antes del periodo de visitas. Visitantes deben de abandonar la propiedad estatal tan pronto el periodo de visita haya culminado sin merodear. No hay excepciones. Visitante que no obedezcan estas reglas estarán sujetos a perder el privilegio de visitas.
Each inmate may receive three (3) visits per week during the hours scheduled below.
Cada preso tiene permitido recibir 3 visitas por semana durante el horario señalado debajo.
Two (2) adults are allowed per visit. Any subject fourteen (14) years of age or older is considered an adult visit for seating purposes only.
Se permiten dos adultos por visita. Cualquier sujeto mayor de 14 anos esta considerado como un adulto, solo para propósito de asiento.
Visits are processed on a first come, first served basis.
Las visitas son procesadas en forma cronológica. Quien llegue primero entrara primero.
The visitor processing window shall be open approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled visiting times, and shall close approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled end of the visiting period. Visitors shall be processed only during these times. Visitors that have not been processed through the Pedestrian Trap thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled end of the visiting period, shall not be allowed to enter the institution.
La ventana del cuarto donde se procesan las visitas abrirán aproximadamente 30 minutos previos al horario de visitas y cerraran 30 minutos antes de que el periodo de visitas termine. Visitas solo serán procesadas durante el tiempo en que la ventana esta abierta.
No visitors will be allowed through the Pedestrian Trap area between the hours of 2:40 pm and 3:05 pm due to change of shift activity. Only those visitors that already had visiting slips submitted and processed at the time the Pedestrian Trap closed will be processed when the Pedestrian Trap reopens.
No se permitirá a ningún visitante salir de la sala de visitas de 2:40 a 3:04 debido al cambio de turno. Solo aquellos visitante que ya tengas sus papeles de visitas procesados serán permitidos en la sala de visitas cuando esta reabra sus puertas luego del cambio de turno.
Smoking is prohibited on state property. This includes the parking lot area.
El fumar cigarrillos es prohibido en propiedad estatal, incluyendo los estacionamientos.
Visitors wishing to provide an inmate with funds may do so by mailing in a money order through the U.S. Postal Service or using the mailbox in the lobby. No cash or personal checks are to be sent in. The mailbox in the lobby is not to be used for inmate correspondence. Any letters found in the mailbox will be discarded.
size="1" Aquellos visitantes que deseen proveer a los encarcelados con fondos monetarios pueden hacerlo por vía del correo o pueden usar la caja de correo localizada en el vestíbulo. Dinero en efectivo o cheques personales no deben ser mandados. La caja de correo en el vestíbulo es únicamente para fondos monetarios, cartas o notas serán descartadas.
Visitors with infants may only bring in one small receiving blanket, a pacifier and/or a clear plastic bottle filled with milk or water.
Visitantes con infantes solo podrán entrar una sabana pequeña, un chupete y/o un biberón plástico con leche o agua.
Any visitor that leaves the visiting room for any reason, (ie; bathroom, etc.) shall not be allowed to return to the visiting room for that visiting period.
Cualquier visitante que salga de la sala de visitas ya sea para ir al baño o cualquier otra cosa no podrá volver a entrar por el resto de ese periodo de visitas.
No property will be allowed to enter the facility with a visit. Inmates must purchase property items through the Canteen.
No se le permitirá traer ningún tipo de propiedad a la sala de visitas. Los encarcelados deben comprar artículos de propiedad en la cantina.
Visitors that wish to pick up an inmate's property that has been designated as contraband, or that the inmate wants removed from the institution, shall be allowed to do so through the Property Sergeant during the following times only: Tuesday/Thursday 4:00 - 4:30 PM.
Visitantes que quieran obtener propiedad de los encarcelados clasificada como contrabando, o propiedad que el encarcelado quiera fuera de la institución, pueden hacerlo vía el sargento de propiedad durante el siguiente horario solamente: Martes/Jueves 4:00 - 4:30 PM.

MCI – Concord Additional information:

MCI - Concord

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Programs Available at This Facility

Alternatives to Violence (AVP): A volunteer facilitated program that teaches inmates how to reduce violence by introducing alternative ways of resolving conflict resulting in a diminished need to resort to violence. Workshops focus on conflict resolution. This program is facilitated at MCI Concord, MCI Shirley, North Central Correctional Institution, North Central Correctional Institution - Minimum Unit, Northeastern Correctional Center, Old Colony Correctional Center and Souza Baranowski Correctional Center.

Calligraphy: Volunteers teach inmates this very disciplined graphic technique that demands concentration and commitment, using a quick, simple and practical method. This program is facilitated at MCI Concord and MCI Shirley

Emotional Awareness and Healing: Volunteer coordinated program designed to foster emotional and spiritual growth and promote responsibility and accountability toward ones self and others. Inmates are also taught skills to reduce disruptive behavior. This program is facilitated at Bay State Correctional Center, MCI Cedar Junction, MCI Concord, MCI Shirley, North Central Correctional Institution, North Central Correctional Institution - Minimum Unit, Northeastern Correctional Center and Souza Baranowski Correctional Center.

Father's Parenting Program: Volunteer facilitated 12-week course consisting of classes in moral and legal responsibilities of fatherhood. This program is facilitated at MCI Concord, MCI Shirley, Northeastern Correctional Center and Souza Baranowski Correctional Center.

Healthy Survival Skills: Short-term program that teaches skills to reduce stress and assist inmates in eliminating negative thoughts and behavior. A smoking cessation component is also included. This program is facilitated at MCI Concord and Northeastern Correctional Center.

Introduction to Twelve Step Programming: Vendor facilitated four week, twelve session program designed to teach inmates how to access and utilize twelve step programming to enhance their recovery. This program is facilitated at MCI Concord, MCI Shirley - Minimum Unit, North Central Correctional Institution, North Central Correctional Institution - Minimum Unit and Souza Baranowski Correctional Center.

Jehovah's Witness Bible Study Program: Staff supervised, volunteer facilitated program during which Jehovah Witness volunteers meet with inmates to conduct a Bible Study session for the purpose of providing further opportunities for spiritual growth and health. This program is facilitated at Bay State Correctional Center, MCI Concord and Northeastern Correctional Center.

Rational Recovery Program: Volunteer facilitated substance abuse program, based on the premise that 12 Step programming fosters dependency. This program is facilitated at MCI Concord and Old Colony Correctional Center.

Self Help/Twelve Step Programs: Volunteer facilitated substance abuse support groups based on abstinence. Self Help/Twelve-step programming includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al Anon. Programming is available in both Spanish and English. This program is facilitated at Bay State Correctional Center, Boston Pre-release Center, Bridgewater State Hospital, Massachusetts Treatment Center, MCI Concord, MCI Framingham, MCI Norfolk, MCI Plymouth, MCI Shirley, North Central Correctional Institution, North Central Correctional Institution - Minimum Unit, Northeastern Correctional Center, Old Colony Correctional Center, Old Colony Correctional Center - Minimum Unit, Pondville Correctional Center, South Middlesex Correctional Center and Sou


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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7 Responses to MCI – Concord

  1. Whitney smith December 10, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Ihave been searching for my boyfriend and don’t no where he is being held his name is troy brown he is about 33 years old please help me find my love

    • PrisonPath December 10, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      Hi Whitney,

      I would recommend searching for him by using our inmate locators listed on the home page.

  2. PrisonPath March 17, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    For the many questions about inmate money:

    Inmate Money
    Inmates have two accounts, a personal account and a
    savings account. Upon admission, if an inmate is in
    possession of any money, it will be placed in the in-
    mate’s personal account. Inmates who obtain facility
    jobs, also called work assignments, are paid for those
    jobs. Inmates who work for MassCorr, the Department
    correctional industries program, are paid an hourly
    rate. Inmates who are assigned to jobs other than in-
    dustries program jobs are paid a daily rate. Half of the
    money that an inmate earns from a job is placed in
    his/her personal account and the other half is placed
    in his/her savings account. This division of inmate
    pay into the personal and savings accounts is dictated
    by state law. Inmates may spend the money in their
    personal account on canteen items or may send it to
    family and friends. The money that is placed in the
    savings account is given to inmates upon discharge
    from the Department. Inmates ordinarily cannot gain
    access to their savings account money while they are
    serving their sentences in the Department so that they
    will have money to spend in the community for basic
    necessities upon reentry. There are three exceptions to
    this general rule. These exceptions are for inmates
    who are serving life sentences for any offense; inmates
    who have been found to be Sexually Dangerous Per-
    sons and are civilly committed to the Massachusetts
    Treatment Center from a day to life; and inmates for
    whom a Superintendent has determined there exists a
    compelling need to gain access to those funds.
    Family members and/or friends of an inmate may
    arrange to have money deposited in an inmate’s per-
    sonal account. Money must be in an acceptable form
    for it to be deposited in the inmate’s account: money
    orders (completed with yo
    ur address, the inmate’s
    name and commitment number
    ), certified checks, or
    personal checks. Cash is not allowed under any cir-
    cumstances. Money orders, personal checks, and certi-
    fied checks are allowed to be mailed to inmates. When
    doing this, please remember to include the inmate’s
    commitment number on the order. Please keep in
    mind that personal checks can take up to 10 business
    days before being cleared by the bank. People may
    deposit money orders and checks for inmates in a des-
    ignated box at each facility or send them to the inmate
    via the US postal service.
    For additional information regarding Accounts, please
    refer to
    103 CMR 405, Inmate Funds
    which is accessi-
    ble at the Department’s internet website.

  3. Beth August 13, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    wanted to know dress code for woman for visits

    • PrisonPath August 13, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

      Hi Beth,

      For information about dress code for visitation, click this link.

      For information about prison life, click this link.

  4. Taisha Dottin May 28, 2014 at 7:54 pm #

    I want to know how I go about writing a letter to my cousin? Do I just send it to the physical address addressed to his name? How does it work?

    • PrisonPath May 28, 2014 at 9:43 pm #

      Hi Taisha,

      Call the number below to confirm the mailing address.

      965 Elm Street
      PO Box 9106
      Concord, MA 01742
      Phone (978) 405-6100

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