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Marion Adjustment Center Visiting Information:

VISITATIONisits are scheduled into three groups, even and odd numbers for minimum security inmates and Columbia Unit Medium Security Inmates. Inmates will be allowed the opportunity to visit a minimum of eight (8) hours per calendar month. Beginning February 2010 the visitation schedule will be Saturday, Sunday, Monday and designated holidays. Visiting hours are 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Monday. Visits may be terminated as room is required for other visits. No visitors will be allowed on grounds within the last 30 minutes. Each visitor must sign-in prior to entering the Visitation Area using Form 16-2A, Visitation Sign-In Sheet.
Only persons on an inmate’s approved visitor list will be allowed to visit. Inmates may request visits from immediate family members (as defined in KY CPP 16.1, plus three (3) additional adults. Inmates can change their visitation list twice annually on the months designated by the last digit of their institution number. If an inmate does not have any immediate family, the Warden may, at his/her discretion, increase the number of adult visitors.
A limit of four (4) adult visitors per inmate per visit will be observed however, visits may be terminated as room is required for other visits. All visitors age 18 or older will be required to have a picture ID in order to visit. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or by an adult possessing written, signed and notarized permission from the child’s parent or legal guardian. A child must present a birth certificate and Social Security Card on their first visit and their Social Security Card each visit thereafter. The number of children is not limited as long as other guidelines established in this policy are met. Children must be under the direct supervision and control by the accompanying adult(s) at all times. Failure to maintain control of children will result in termination of the visit. Visitors with infants or small children will only be allowed to bring in the following items during visitation: two diapers, one travel pack of wipes, and one bottle of formula, milk, or juice. No toys, car seats, diaper bags or any other infant items will be allowed.
Physical contact between the inmate and the visitor(s) is restricted to embracing and kissing at the beginning and at the end of the visit. Hands will be kept above the table at all times. Lower extremities are not to be touching (i.e., legs, feet). Inmates are allowed to hold children but the children cannot straddle the inmates lap. Legs have to be on one side or the other. Inappropriate physical contact, in the judgment of the Visitation Correctional Officer in conjunction with the Shift Supervisor, may result in immediate termination of the visit. Sitting on tables, straddling benches, or lying down anywhere is strictly forbidden.
Adult visitors must present photo identification prior to entering for visitation. All visitors are required to have a vehicle. Transportation on and off grounds is mandatory. No drop-offs are allowed. Visitors will not be allowed to return to their vehicle until the visit is terminated. Visitors shall be instructed as to the correct place to park and what entrance to use to enter the building(s). Visitors are permitted only one trip – that is, after parking their vehicle, a visitor may enter the building for visitation but, may not return to the vehicle until after the visit is concluded. All Visitors are subject to be searched. All vehicles will be searched.
On the initial visit of children (under eighteen years of age), the accompanying adult must present the child’s birth certificate and Social Security Card. Social Security cards must be presented on all subsequent visits.
Visitors may bring $10.00 (ONLY) in coins per visitor. The coins must be in a clear see through bag for purchase of food products from the facility vending machines. NO other items will be permitted in the visitation area (i.e.: purses, coats, wallets, pictures, handbags, cigarette cases, lighters, cell phones, jackets of any kind, diaper bags, umbrellas, etc.)
Inmates should notify the Shift Captain of a handicap visit so that arrangements can be made for the visit.
Inmates will not receive anything during visits. Money orders will be mailed in through the U.S. Postal Service. Effective with the “Moneyless” Canteen System inmates will not be allowed to possess or handle money in any form. Any inmate receiving anything during visitation will receive disciplinary action.
Any visitor under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who are disrespectful to staff in any manner will not be allowed to visit.
Visitors must be properly dressed for visitation. This is mandatory. Miniskirts, wraparound skirts, halter tops/dresses, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, low cut tops, spandex, transparent clothing, clothing that reveals skin above the mid-thigh, slits, splits or hoods of any type will NOT be allowed. Heelies are not allowed. Head wear i.e. caps, sun visors and hats of any kind are not allowed. Hooded garments are not permitted in the visitation area. Shorts are allowed as long as they are loose fitting and mid-thigh in length. Heavy jackets or coats will be stored in lockers provided by the facility. Clothing worn under heavy coats must be in compliance with dress code. Suit coats and jogging suit tops are not considered outer wear but must be worn during entire visit. Visitors turned away for any reason, except those determined to be improperly dressed, will not be permitted to re-enter the facility on the same date they were turned away. This shall include insufficient ID. Visitors who are determined to be improperly dressed will be allowed to leave the facility and return in proper clothing only once per visit. After being terminated 2 times for dress code violations, visitors will be suspended for 30 days. Inmates will dress in appropriate facility uniforms.
There will be a mandatory pat down or strip search before and a strip search after each visit for inmates.
Pets are strictly prohibited except for those needed for medical reasons (Seeing Eye Dog).
No prescription medication will be allowed in the visitation area. The only exception will be Nitroglycerin tablets.
This is a tobacco-free facility. No tobacco products are allowed on facility grounds.
Infringement of visitation regulations by inmates or visitors may result in the termination of the visit. Significant infringements will result in the visitor being denied entry to the facility.
All rules, regulations and instructions established in KY CPP 16.1, (Inmate Visits) will be adhered to at this facility.
All visitors may be searched by a scanning device and/or frisk or pat searched.SPECIAL VISITS PROCEDURES TO BE FOLLOWED AT THIS FACILITY ARE:
Special visits may be approved for special circumstances such as distance of travel; frequency of visits for a particular inmate; health problems of an inmate or visitor; or a visit for business purposes if a decision is needed that substantially affects the assets or prospects of a business or property. Special visits must be approved prior to date of visit by the Warden or designee.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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      We recommend reviewing the prices and programs offered by the various websites and choose the best one for you.

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