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Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

Dawkins Road, Box 6, LaGrange, Kentucky 40031

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(502) 222-0363/222-0365
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Luther Luckett Correctional Complex Visiting Information:

Visiting Guidelines And Rules

Visiting hours for general population inmates are on Saturdays, Sundays, and State Holidays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Visitors may begin sign in at 8:00 a.m. In addition, meritorious inmates may receive visits on Friday evenings from 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Please note that registration for Meritorious Visitation is from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. only. Visits may be terminated due to an emergency situation as determined by the Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer. Nothing shall be carried from the visiting room at the conclusion of the visit.

Inmates who are housed in the Segregation Unit and/or have had their visiting privileges restricted for other reasons are permitted non contact visits only. Visitations to inmates with non contact visiting are by appointment only. The visit must be scheduled one week in advance. It is the inmate's responsibility to schedule these visits.

The inmate may place verified immediate family members and up to three (3) non-family members on his visiting list. All visitors shall be approved in advance before they may be added to the visiting list. You must be on the approved list to visit.

NOTE: Visiting is conducted on a odd number, even number rotating basis and as determined by the inmate’s last number. Each inmate is responsible for notifying his visitors of days when he is permitted visits.

No alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons shall be permitted on institutional property. Prescription medication is permitted if it is in the original prescription container and can be left in the visitor’s vehicle while visiting. A visitor found in possession of contraband as listed above shall be subject to felony prosecution and may be banned from future visits. From time to time, searches of vehicles and individuals are conducted.

Visitors age 18 and over shall present a picture I.D. in order to enter the institution. Visiting rules are posted in the Visiting Room. The officer will obtain a picture I.D. from the visitor. Visitors without a picture I.D. can purchase one from their home county courthouse at a minimal fee.

The institution has a regularly scheduled noon count. During this time all inmate movement must stop so that we can account for all inmates assigned to this institution. Please cooperate and bear with us during this time and we will complete the count as soon as possible.he outside visiting lawn will be open for seating when the weather permits.
For security reasons, jackets and coats shall be prohibited in the visiting area. Jackets and coats may be stored in one of the following ways: 1) leave garments in the car; 2) use coat pegs in the mall area; or 3) use lockers on a first come first serve basis.
The following articles shall be allowed in the visiting area:
Limit of in $20.00 in one dollar bills. The bill changer does not accept $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 bills. Inmates are not allowed to handle money
Essential infant needs (up to 3 diapers, 1 clear, small, ziplock bag with baby wipes and 3 plastic bottles)oin purse (clear plastic only)
Prescription eye glasses or sunglasses.
Medication (reviewed on case-by-case basis)
The visitor shall wait in the waiting area until the inmate they wish to visit is called and has arrived in the visiting room. Unless prior approval has been granted, there is a maximum of three (3) adult visitors over the age of 18 allowed per visit, with infants and youths not counted in total. If a visitor violates institutional rules, he or she may be asked to leave the grounds, and in extreme cases restricted from future visits. Visitors shall be control of youths and infants at all times.
LLCC shall be committed to a positive visiting program and shall attempt to allow the maximum of two (2) hour visits to ensure sound operational security practices. The two (2) hour visit shall depend upon space available. If the visiting area reaches capacity and other visitors are waiting for available space to visit other inmates, visits shall be terminated on a first-in, first-out basis. This will ensure all inmates have an opportunity to visit
A visitor who has traveled more than 150 miles may be given special consideration prior to visit termination. A request for an extended visit shall be scheduled by the inmate through his CTO. It must be approved by the Deputy Warden of Security seven (7) days prior to the visit.
Visitors at a two (2) person table may be skipped if a four (4) person table is needed .2012 Visiting Schedule
2012 Visiting Schedule
Jan 8, 2012 Sunday Jan 7, 2012 Saturday
Jan 14, 2012 Saturday Jan 15, 2012 Sunday
Jan 22, 2012 Sunday Jan 21, 2012 Saturday
Jan 28, 2012 Saturday Jan 29, 2012 Sunday
Feb 5, 2012 Sunday Feb 4, 2012 Saturday
Feb 11, 2012 Saturday Feb 12, 2012 Sunday
Feb 19, 2012 Sunday Feb 18, 2012 Saturday
Feb 25, 2012 Saturday Feb 26, 2012 Sunday
Mar 4, 2012 Sunday Mar 3, 2012 Saturday
Mar 10, 2012 Saturday Mar 11, 2012 Sunday
Mar 18, 2012 Sunday Mar 17, 2012 Saturday
Mar 24, 2012 Saturday Mar 25, 2012 Sunday
Apr 1, 2012 Sunday Mar 31, 2012 Saturday
Apr 7, 2012 Saturday Apr 8, 2012 Sunday
Apr 15, 2012 Sunday Apr 14, 2012 Saturday
Apr 21, 2012 Saturday Apr 22, 2012 Sunday
Apr 29, 2012 Sunday Apr 28, 2012 Saturday
May 5, 2012 Saturday May 6, 2012 Sunday
May 13, 2012 Sunday May 12, 2012 Saturday
May 19, 2012 Saturday May 20, 2012 Sunday
May 27, 2012 Sunday May 26, 2012 SaturdayVisitors Dress Policy No low cut or provocative clothing (tank tops, halter tops, see-through clothing, sleeveless garments, Spandex, etc.)
No clothing that fails to completely cover the midriff and bosom.
Shorts or skirts shall be no higher than 2 inches above the knee cap.
Undergarment must be worn.
No head apparel unless it is religious in nature.
No clothing with inflammatory emblems, graphics, or slogans.
Each visitor may wear only one (1) wedding ring, one (1) necklace with or without medallion, and one (1) watch. This is the only jewelry allowed in the visiting area.
Minors twelve (12) and older shall comply with the above dress code; younger children should be dressed sensibly and according to the needs of their age.
For security purposes, jackets and coats shall not be permitted in the visiting area. These garments can be stored in the following ways: visitors may leave them in their vehicles, hang them on wall pegs in the mall area, or utilize the lockers in the mall on a first come first serve basis.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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2 Responses to Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

  1. Diane Logan May 17, 2014 at 12:02 am #

    I was wondering why me and my husband has not been approved I can’t understand why. We only have certain weekends off and we thought we could come saturday. Is there any way we could come thank you Diane and Darrell Logan

    • PrisonPath May 18, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

      Hi Diane,

      Unfortunately, the approvalprocess can take some time. If it’s already several weeks, contact the prison’s administration or the prison chaplain for assistance.

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