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Little Sandy Correctional Complex

Little Sandy Correctional Complex

505, Prison Connector, Sandy Hook, Kentucky 41171

Phone :
(606) 738-6133
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Little Sandy Correctional Complex Visiting Information:

Type of Inmate
General Population 8:30 am-11:30am
8:30 am-1:30am
8:30 am-1:30am
Non Contact Visits
8:30 am-10:30am
8:30 am-10:30am
12:30pm-2:30pm General Visiting Rules

It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform visitors of the rules and regulations governing visits.
Visits will be for a two (2) hour period, however depending on the number of visitors this time may be extended and applies to contact visits only.
Visitor must be on the Inmates Visiting list, or they will not be permitted to visit.
Children must have at least two (2) forms of I.D. (birth certificate, SS. Card, etc.)
Adults (18 and older) must have a photo I.D. Children (17 and younger) photo I.D’s are recommended.
If a minor is accompanied by a non-parent or guardian, they shall be required to have the written consent, signed and notarized as a legal document.
Inmates may not receive a visit during their first weekend at LSCC.
There will be NO MOVEMENT allowed during count time. Everyone must remain seated when count time is announced.
No more than two (2) adult visitors shall visit an inmate during a controlled visit.
No more than three (3) adult visitors shall visit an inmate during a contact visit.
Physical contact within the bounds of appropriate good taste shall only be permitted at the beginning and the end of each visit. (One brief kiss and hug. NO open mouth kissing).
No holding hands, and any other type of touching during the visit.
Sexual stimulation or activity shall be strictly prohibited.
Children must be kept under parental control at all times. Children shall be accompanied by parents when going to the vending machines and bathrooms.
Infants (0-1) may be held by the inmate. All other children must be seated or held by the visitor.
Infants under the age of six (6) months may visit unlimited times without a social security number, provided the person bringing them meets all the guidelines to visit.
You must sit in an upright position during the entire visit and no lying down of heads on tables. (No slouching).
Inmates will stand side by side of his visitor(s) for all photos, and there will be NO refunds once the picture is taken. (Hands must be visible in the photo.)
You must keep tables clean of all trash and trash must be placed in the appropriate containers.
All food wrappers will be opened all the way to display the contents. ( Visitors and inmates may be asked to open food items, such as a hamburger bun to display the content.)
There should be no more than four (4) people at the vending machines at a time.
Smoking will not be allowed.
Breast feeding will not be allowed in the Visitation Room. Accommodations will be made if necessary.
No one shall be permitted to insert their hands in pockets. Nothing shall be carried in pockets.
All visitors and inmates must keep hands above the tables during visits.
For infants: Only a receiving blanket in reasonable size shall be permitted. All other blankets are prohibited.
LSCC is not responsible for supplying plastic bags; nor refunds for any funds lost in the vending machines.
No one including children is to lean, sit, or stand on tables.
After exiting restrooms, visitors will open hands and open mouths for security check by the visit officer.
At any time if security visit staff deems a reasonable cause, visitors and inmates will be searched.
Visitor clothing and dress shall conform as close as possible to accepted dress within the community. Clothing must be in good taste and ppropriate as to not offend other visitors and inmates.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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