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Joe F. Gurney Transfer Facility

1385 FM 3328, Tennessee Colony, Texas 75861

Phone :
(903) 928-3118 (**094)
Website :
Inmate Locator :

Joe F. Gurney Transfer Facility Visiting Information:

Visiting Hours are as follows:
Visits are normally conducted on Saturdays and Sundays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The names of all visitors, 18 years old and older (except offender’s attorney), must be on the approved Visitors list, with a limit of 10 people. For more information on visiting an inmate click here and read the visiting rules and regulations. Since visiting times change frequently we suggest you contact the institution directly at the number provided above.

Joe F. Gurney Transfer Facility Additional information:

Offenders can receive incoming eMessages.
To register, please contact JPAY at 1-866-333­
5729 or www.jpay.com on the web.
Only incoming mail is available. The offender
is not allowed to return the eMessage. Friends
and family members must purchase electronic
stamps on-line from www.jpay.com (the price
of a US postage stamp). The message to the
offender is completed on-line and sent to the
JPAY facility interface. TDCJ unit mailroom
staff download and review incoming messages,
and upon approval, the messag


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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  1. jd rodriguez says:

    How can you hear from your family member

  2. Marlo says:

    I know this seems like an unusual questions but I would like to know where visitation is located in the jail? I am severely closterphobic and therefor can’t take elavators but would despritely love to visit. I am including as much information that I have on the guy I want to visit please help.

    Brian Joseph Torres
    SID Number: 07755544
    TDCJ Number: 01827231
    DOB: 12/27/1981

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Mario,

      We are very sympathetic to your circumstances. It is recommended that you call the prison directly for accurate information about the visitation logistics.

  3. selia serna says:

    I had a question about mailing pictures, to how many at one time and can they be from wal mart photo center or can i print them out on regular white copy paper?

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Selia,

      Please note the following information:

      Handling Offender Correspondence
      A. Content Inspection of General Correspondence
      All general correspondence shall be subject to the right of inspection and rejection
      by unit mailroom staff. All outgoing or in
      coming letters to and from offenders
      and enclosures such as clippings, photographs, or the like shall be disapproved fo

      BP-03.91 (rev. 2)
      Page 9 of 14
      mailing or receipt only if the content falls as a whole or in significant part into
      any of the categories listed below:
      1. Contains threats of physical harm against any person or place or threats of
      criminal activity;
      2. Threatens blackmail or extortion;
      3. Concerns sending contraband in or out of the institutions;
      4. Concerns plans to escape or unauthorized entry;
      5. Concerns plans for activities in violation of institutional rules;
      6. Concerns plans for future criminal activity;
      7. Uses code and its contents are not understood by the person inspecting the
      8. Solicits gifts of goods or money under false pretenses or for payment to
      other offenders;
      9. Contains a graphic presentation of sexua
      l behavior that is in violation of
      the law;
      10. Contains a sexually explicit image;
      11. Contains information, which if co
      mmunicated would create a clear and
      present danger of violence or physical harm to a human being; or
      Contains records or documentation held
      by TDCJ that are not listed in the
      attachment to the TDCJ
      Public Information
      Act Manual
      Chapter 2.
      The offender and the sender or addressee
      shall be provided a written statement of
      the disapproval and a statement of the
      reason for disapproval within 72 hours of
      the receipt of the correspondence. This notice shall be given on Correspondence
      Denial Forms. The offender shall be gi
      ven a sufficiently detailed description of
      the rejected correspondence to permit effec
      tive use of the appeal procedures. The
      offender, sender, or addressee may a
      ppeal the mailroom officer’s decision
      through the procedures outlined in these rule

  4. Robyn says:

    I have a loved on that was just transferred to the gurney unit yesterday from county and I was wondering is there a certain time I have to wait before visiting him??

  5. Julie says:

    dont have my photo id but have a copy, birth certificate, social and a sams card with my photo. Do you think i can still visit

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Julie,

      The prisons usually require a government I.D. I would recommend calling the facility for confirmation about your I.D. documents for visitation.

  6. Shawn McMillen
    When did his time at Joe F. Gurney begin? When did he pull chain from Lew Sterrett?

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      You can click the inmate locator on this prison page for information about your inmate.

  7. tasha says:

    My husband was tranfer to gruney today but now nobody has information on him and i cnt find him because i do not know his state id……. Where can i get his state id from and how long will it take for gruney to show my husband in the system?

  8. brittany says:

    When can i write my inmate

  9. Kati says:

    I have a few questions. My 1st question is what is the dress code. What is allowed & what isn’t. How long does my shorts have to be. Cause id hate driving a hour or two getting there & then get turned away. My 2nd question is how do the phone calls work? Do I have to go thru a certain company & add money to my phone or can an inmate buy a calling card? My 3rd question is does the inmate have just books or do they have an account like some other places.

    • PrisonPath says:

      hi Kati,

      Please note the following about dress code.

      Dress Code:
      Visitors must follow the
      dress code. Shirts and shoes must be
      worn. Shirts and blouses of fishnet,
      transparent material, sleeveless or open
      midriff are not allowed. Male visitors
      must wear long pants, and female visitors
      must wear dresses, skirts, Capri pants or
      long pants. Exceptions for pre­
      adolescent boys and girls may be made.
      If a dress, pants, skirt or any attire
      appears to be inappropriate, the Duty
      Warden shall be contacted for a decision.

      For additional information to answer your questions, click this link.

  10. sue says:

    when can new inmates have visits?

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Sue,

      Please note the following:

      Confirm the offender is assigned to the unit
      you are planning to visit, has visitation
      privileges and that you are on the Visitors List.
      Bring valid identification (ID).

      From PrisonPath–We recommend calling the facility for additional information.
      For additional information about prison life, click this link.

  11. sue says:

    hello….i got a answer to my responce but it didnt answer my question…i know my inmate is there at gurney i want to know how long does he have to be there before he can get a visit…he has been there 5 days… can i visit this weekend?

  12. Laura says:

    My husband just got transferred to gurney how do I find out his tdjc number to write and send money and how do I know when im able to visit him?? Please help!!

  13. sue says:

    i heard there is a store or place we can buy things for our inmates that true and if so where i would like to buy my husband stamped envelopes so he use his money else where.or for other things food etc….

  14. Our son, Todd Edward Jackson, inmate number 1867723, was transferred to C Moore unit in Bonham, but I understand he is back at Gurney. Since he has been in TDCJ, we haven’t heard a word from him. When will he be able to make a phone call to us? I have put money on Jpay for him to use. I have also put money on his commissary account, but I have no idea if he has received it or not. This Jpay is a joke, no feed back at all. Is Todd able to receive visitors at this time? I also understand, from his letters, that he has been before the parole board, do you know if the board has made a decision on his parole? Thank you for your time.

    Ray E. Jackson
    Disabled American Veteran

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Ray,

      prisonpath.com is a private web site that provides information about prisons, but we are not affiliated or connected in any way to any government entity. For information about the Joe Gurney Transfer Facility, click this link.

  15. Laura says:

    So people are trying to tell me I cant see my husband on sunday Iis this true

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Laura,

      Please note the following information about visitation. You should call the facility for more information regarding visiting your husband on Sunday.

      Visitation Hours
      : Visits are normally
      conducted on Saturdays and Sundays
      between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The
      names of all visitors, 18 years old and
      older (except the offender’s attorney),
      must be on the approved Visitors List,
      which is limited to ten individuals

  16. Robin Nedd says:

    When my fiancee receive a release date from prison will it show on his offender search information page?

  17. Robin Nedd says:

    Hi what does this mean-

    Maximum Sentence Date 2015-02-21

    Project Release Date 2013-12-06

  18. Robin Nedd says:

    Hi my fiancee is scheduled to be released from HUNTSVILLE ON DEC 6,3013 DOES THAT MEAN HE WILL BE COMING HOME ON THAT DATE.

    • PrisonPath says:

      Hi Robin,

      Your fiancee should be coming home on his release date. We recommend contacting his case manager or your fiancee ( next call) for confirmation.

  19. Angel says:

    how do I register my phone so my loved one can call me