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Howard R. Young Correctional Institution

Howard R. Young Correctional Institution

1301 E. 12th StreetWilmington,, Delaware 19801

Phone :
(302) 429-7700
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Howard R. Young Correctional Institution Visiting Information:

HRYCI Visitation Rules/Procedures

Visitors must abide by the following rules:

Visits cannot be changed, cancelled or confirmed. Please verify your visit day and time before you end the phone conversation.
Visitors are permitted $5.00 in currency.
Visits are 45 minutes long.
Visitors must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the visit.
The maximum number of visitors is two adults and two children (under the age of 18).
An Adult must accompany visitors under the age of 18.
Visitors' attire should be in good taste and grooming when entering the institution. Correctional staff will determine whether the visitor's clothing is appropriate based on the following guidelines: bathing suits; body suits; strapless or low cut, revealing tops; sleeveless shirts; tube tops; and any type of revealing clothing not adhering to the normal standards of decency will not be permitted. Dresses, skirts, culottes, and/or walking shorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee, as measured from the bend in the back of the knee with the waistband in the normal position. Spandex pants, shorts, and leggings are not permitted alone. Leggings may be worn under a skirt. Any see-through material is not permitted. Once a visit is denied by staff for clothing infractions, the visit is cancelled for that day. Visitors cannot return to their car and change clothing and then regain admittance.
Visitors are permitted to bring a money order, car keys and identification only. If a visitor is bringing a small child (baby, infant or toddler) one diaper, two diaper wipes and bottle are permitted. Prior to visiting, money orders/certified checks may be given to the Lobby Officer for deposit to your accounts. Cash is NOT accepted.
Visitors 14 yr. and older MUST have curent valid identification (driver's license, state-issued I.D., school I.D., passport, etc.) All identification must have a current picture, date of birth and full name.
All visitors are subject to a metal detector search at the time of each visit. When deemed necessary, the security staff may request a more intense physical search. Should the visitor refuse to comply, they will be denied entrance and ordered off of the property.
Talking to any inmate through institution windows or fences, or having conversations with any inmate other than in the assigned visiting area is strictly prohibited. Visitors must go directly to and from the visiting room/waiting area
Smoking is not permitted in the facility.
No property may be exchanged between an inmate and his visitor(s). All cards, letters, etc., must be sent out through the mail.
Only one (1) inmate may be visited at a time. Cross conversations between other visitors and/or inmates is not permitted.
Visitors and inmates alike should show respect for others visiting and keep all conversations in a low tone. Loud conversations, foul language, arguments, or fighting will result in cancellation of your visits and disciplinary action. We reserve the right to turn away any visitor due to intoxication, failing to obey the directions of officers, or generally misbehaving.

Howard R. Young Correctional Institution Additional information:

The Howard R. Young Correctional Institution (also known as Gander Hill Prison due to the neighborhood in which it is located) is a Level 5 facility in the northeast section of Wilmington, Delaware. The facility is named for a 33-year Department veteran who died in 2001 after a battle with cancer. Originally called the Multi-Purpose Criminal Justice Facility, it was renamed in honor of Young in February 2004. Young was the first Warden of the prison when it opened in 1982.

The original facility, now called the West Wing, was designed to hold 360 detainees, individuals who are awaiting trial/sentencing or unable to make bail. In 1992, a new section, the East Wing, opened. This construction project added 480 beds for sentenced offenders. Additional construction projects have increased the capacity to 1,180. The facility now averages 1,500 offenders.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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