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High Security Center

Cranston, Rhode Island 2920

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(401) 462-2028
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The High Security Center (HSC) is a self-contained maximum security facility which houses inmates who require close custody, control, and security. The HSC is comprised of two 24-bed modules, four 12-bed modules, and four hospital rear rooms. The module design allows offenders with varied custody requirements to be safely housed in the facility. High Security has no industries operation and no contact visits except for those in protective custody. A well stocked legal and recreational library, classification board room, classroom, barber shop, and chapel serve as support to the inmate population.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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  1. Julia November 1, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    How do I call an inmate?


    • PrisonPath November 1, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

      Hi Julia,

      Please note the following information about contacting an inmate by telephone at High Security Center;

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      Administrative Division +
      Correctional Industries
      Friends, Family, & Visitors of Inmates
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      Home > FAQ > Telephone
      FAQ : Telephone

      Inmate Handbook
      Property / legal documents

      The text of a 6/23/08 Providence Journal ad regarding inmate telephone refunds is available here.

      Effective 3/3/2008, the RIDOC implemented a new system for telephone calling, via contract with Global Tel*Net (GTL). Below you can find information regarding the system.

      For a copy of the GTL Advance Pay Brochure, which explains how family members and friends of inmates can set up prepaid calling accounts, click here. PDF Icon

      For a list of GTL calling rates, click here. Word Icon


      The information listed below is a brief overview of the RIDOC telephone policy. The entire inmate telephone policy is available by clicking here. PDF

      The RIDOC affords inmates reasonable access to telephones, consistent with their status, housing unit regulations and the guidelines contained in the policy.

      Are inmates allowed to receive telephone calls?
      Can inmates make telephone calls?
      Yes. Inmates can now make collect or pre-paid calls. Pre-paid calls can be made using an ADVANCE PAY pre-paid account or using money placed in the telephone debit account.
      Are there certain times when inmates are allowed to make telephone calls?
      Each facility warden sets the schedule for inmate telephone use.
      Is there a limit on the length of time for each telephone call?
      All telephone calls except those between an inmate and his/her attorney are restricted to twenty (20) minutes.
      How many phone numbers can an inmate have on their calling list?
      Inmates are allowed to have up to ten (10) social and five (5) attorney numbers on their telephone list. Inmates may also call the RIDOC Special Investigation’s Unit (SIU) (401) 462-2282, the RIDOC Inspector’s Office (401) 462-2551, the on-grounds RI State Police (401) 462-2650 and licensed bail bondsmen.
      Does the RIDOC monitor personal telephone calls?
      Yes. All telephone calls, except those between inmates and attorneys or law enforcement agencies, are recorded.
      Why are calls recorded?
      Calls are recorded for security reasons.
      Is the inmate and the person he/she is calling told that their conversation is being
      Yes, callers are given advance notice that their telephone conversations will be recorded. Those persons accepting the inmate’s call are asked to agree to being recorded before the call is connected.
      How often can an inmate change the numbers on their telephone call list?
      Facility rules specify the times when an inmate may change the numbers on their telephone list.
      What if there is a block on a civilian telephone of someone on an inmate’s telephone call list?
      Since the RIDOC does not know the reason for the block (there could be a no contact order in place) the call will not be allowed at any time.
      When I am on a call with an inmate, may I try to forward the call to another person, or try to conference in another caller?
      No. The call will be disconnected and the inmate may be disciplined.
      If I have any type of telephone call connections problems, what number can I call?
      Report any problems to GTL technical support at 1-877-856-3184 or 1-866-345-6088. You can also e-mail technical support at p_support@gtl.net. Billing and prepaid issues should be directed to 1-877-650-4249. Questions about the automated pre-paid service should be directed to 1-800-483-8314.
      What if I receive unwanted telephone calls from an inmate?
      Do not accept the collect call. If the calls continue, contact the facility warden. You may also contact the GTL technical service numbers above.

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