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Green River Correctional Complex Visiting Information:


A. "Immediate Family" means the following:

Parents, including step-parents and those who may have reared the inmate in place of parents.
Brothers and sisters and other sibling relations (i.e., half and step).
Spouse and children, including step-children or adopted children.
A child to whom the inmate, although not a natural parent, acted as a parent.
B. Allowed Visitors

Each institution shall maintain an approved visitation list for all inmates. The visitation list shall be updated at least twice a year during normal classification reviews. An inmate may request visitation from any Immediate Family, as verified by the Pre-sentence and Post-sentence Investigation Report or other verified source, plus three (3) additional adults. The inmate shall provide the institution with a Department Visiting Information Form containing:
a. The inmate’s name and number.
b. The requested visitor’s name, address, date of birth, social security number, sex, race, and relationship to inmate.
If an inmate does not have any Immediate Family, the Warden may, at his discretion, increase the number of adult visitors.
No one shall be allowed to visit an inmate unless his name appears on the approved visitation list.
The visitation list shall originate at the institution where the Pre-sentence and Post-sentence Investigation Report is initially received.
Falsification of visitor information may be cause to deny approval of the visitor and may result in disciplinary action.
A visitor shall not be place on more than one (1) inmate list unless both inmates are Immediate Family members of the visitor. The relationship may be verified by the Warden’s designee.
A visitor may not visit more than one (1) inmate unless authorized by the Warden or his designee.
Children under the age of eighteen (18) may not visit unless approved and included on the inmate’s visiting list and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or by another Immediate Family member with written parental or guardian approval. The name of the parent, legal guardian or other Immediate Family member accompanying the child shall be included on the approved visitation list.:
a. A non-parent or guardian family member accompanying a minor shall have the written, signed and notarized consent of the parent or guardian. This consent shall be presented to the visiting officers upon registration.
b.A person under the age of eighteen (18) who provides proof of marriage to an inmate may be placed on the visiting list.
Persons exempted from the visitation list: Attorneys, clergy, governmental officials, law enforcement officials visiting on official business or approved volunteers, may be approved for visitation on a case by case basis with prior written approval of the Warden or his designee.
Visitation by an ex-offender and parolee or probationer shall not be permitted without prior approval by the Warden or his designee, the Parole or Probation Office, if applicable, and may not occur until one (1) year following:
a. the date of release from an institution for either parole or conditional release; or
b. placement or probation status.

To set forth and establish guidelines for administering a visiting program in the interest of maintaining inmate family and community relationships: To establish accepted security procedures that foster a safe and positive environment for the inmates and their families, the following visiting procedure shall be established.


A. Visiting Hours

Visits may be allowed on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.
A visitor shall not be allowed entry after 2:00 p.m. Any exception shall be approved by the Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer.
Visits may be terminated due to an emergency situation as determined by the Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer.
B. Type of Visits

An inmate, regardless of status, shall be eligible to receive visits.
The type of visit, non-contact or open, shall depend upon the status of the inmate.
a. An inmate housed in administrative or disciplinary segregation status shall receive scheduled non-contact visits only.
b. An inmate may be issued a non-contact visit as a penalty received from a disciplinary report or as ordered by the Warden or his designee for security reasons.
c. The other inmates shall be eligible to receive contact visits in the visiting area.
C. Length of Regular Visits

The Green River Correctional Complex shall be committed to a positive visiting program and shall attempt to allow the maximum number of visits possible within sound operational security practices.
The length of each visit shall depend upon space available. If the visiting area reaches capacity and visitors are waiting for available space to visit inmates, visitors who arrived first shall be required to leave prior to the end of regular visiting hours. This shall ensure all inmates have an opportunity to visit.
a. A visitor who has traveled more than 150 miles shall be given special consideration prior to visit termination. The distance traveled shall be proven to the Shift Supervisor by a driver's license or license tag.
b. Additional exceptions may be made as outlined in CPP 16.1 or as determined by the Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer.
D. Number of Visitors

Visitors shall be pre-approved on the inmate's visitation list as specified in CPP 16.1. Any exception shall be approved by the Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer.
Each inmate shall be allowed a maximum of three (3) adult visitors and their minor children at each visit. Exceptions shall be approved by the Shift Supervisor in consultation with the Duty Officer.
Exceptions to Items 1 and 2 above shall be approved by the Deputy Warden of Security seven (7) days in advance.
E. Outside Visiting Area

The outside visiting area may be utilized for inmate visits as weather permits.
In the event of inclement weather, outside visits shall be terminated. The Shift Supervisor shall make the final determination regarding utilization of the outside visiting area.
a. If the outside visiting area is closed, visitors may continue their visit in the visiting room, providing adequate space is available.
b. If adequate space is not available and only a few tables are vacant in the visiting room, the visitors who have spent the least amount of time visiting may be allowed to continue their visit inside the visiting room. The remaining visitors shall be required to leave the institution.
c. If space is not available in the visiting room when the outside visiting area is closed, then the outside visits shall be terminated and those visitors shall be required to leave the institution.
d. An inmate shall not have the option of remaining on outside visits during inclement weather.
An inmate reporting to the visiting room for a visit shall report to the officer's desk and await the assignment of a table in the visiting room.
a. If the inmate chooses to continue his visit outside, he shall sign a waiting list at the time he receives his initial table assignment.
b. An inmate on the waiting list shall be given the option of visiting outside as space becomes available.
Once an inmate is assigned to a table in the outside visiting area, he shall remain at the assigned table until he ends his visit or the visit is terminated due to lack of space.
Visitors, inmates or children shall not be allowed to hang, lean or climb on the fence around the outside visiting area.
An inmate or visitor shall not be allowed to communicate with another inmate on the yard.
Any inappropriate physical contact in the outside visiting area shall be grounds for termination of the visit.
Umbrellas on the outside visiting tables shall remain open at all times.
An inmate shall remain in the designated chair while on an outside visit.
Violation of any visiting rule outlined in this policy may result in the termination of the visit, disciplinary action against the inmate, and restriction of any future visiting privilege.
a. Smoking shall be permitted in the outside visiting area only.
b. Cigarettes shall be purchased by the visitor from a cigarette machine located in the Visiting Room.
i. An inmate shall not be permitted to bring cigarettes or matches from the yard to the visiting area.
ii. A visitor shall not be permitted to bring cigarettes, matches, or lighters into the institution.
c. Matches shall be provided by the correctional officers assigned to the visiting area. For each pack of cigarettes purchased, one (1) book of matches shall be provided.
d. At the conclusion of the visit, any remaining cigarettes shall be taken out of the institution by the visitor. An inmate shall not be permitted to take any cigarettes back to the yard.
e. Ashtrays shall be used and cigarette butts shall be disposed of in the container provided.
f. Any violation of the smoking guidelines may result in the termination of the visit.
F. Non-Contact Visiting

An inmate assigned non-contact visiting may be allowed to receive visits on Saturday and Sunday in the non-contact visitation area during regular visiting hours.
Non-contact visits shall be scheduled by prior appointment only, and at least seven (7) days in advance of the visit. The Deputy Warden for Security shall schedule all non-contact visits.
The number of non-contact visits allowed shall be one (1) per week, per inmate. The week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
Non-contact visits shall be two (2) hours in duration and shall be limited to two (2) adult visitors and their minor children at each visit.
An inmate assigned to non-contact status shall be required to visit in the clothing appropriate to his assigned status.
An inmate being escorted from the Special Management Unit (SMU) to the Visitation Room shall be placed in handcuffs and leg shackles. Normally, handcuffs may be removed during visitation and the leg shackles shall remain on. However, each case shall be reviewed on an individual basis and a determination made by the Shift Supervisor as to whether or not the handcuffs need to remain on during visitation for security reasons. The inmate shall be secured in the secure visiting booth.
An inmate assigned to non-contact visiting status shall be responsible for notifying his family and friends of the institutional rules governing these visits.
G. Meritorious Visitation

a. Only an inmate living in Meritorious Housing shall be eligible to participate in the Meritorious Visiting Program.
b. An inmate shall meet and maintain all requirements outlined in GRCC 18-02-01, "Meritorious Housing."
a. Meritorious Visits shall take place in the main visiting room each Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
b. Meritorious Visits shall be privileges allowed in addition to regular visitation on weekends.
c. A visitor shall arrive at the institution during the sign-in-time (5:00 p.m. to 5:25 p.m.). The inmate shall be responsible for informing his visitors of the sign-in schedule for meritorious visiting processing.
d. A visitor arriving after the sign-in-time schedule for processing SHALL NOT be allowed to visit. All visitors shall be signed in and then escorted to the Visiting Room as a group.
e. If the amount of visitors exceeds the capacity of the available visiting space the following shall apply:
i. The visitors shall be divided into two (2) groups.
ii. The first group shall consist of the visitors that signed in first and proceed up to the number needed to fill the capacity of the available visiting space.
iii. The second group shall consist of the remaining visitors exceeding the allowed capacity. These visitors shall be allowed to wait in Building B until space becomes available. Upon space becoming available these visitors shall be escorted to the Visiting Room at a designated time.
iv. The first group shall be allowed to visit for a maximum of one and one half (1 1/2) hours before a visit may be terminated for additional space.
v. Visitors who have visited the one and one half (1 1/2) hour time limit shall be required to terminate their visit in accordance with the sign-in sheet, first signed in first out, to allow for all eligible inmates the opportunity to visit.
f. Meritorious visitors shall be on the inmate's approved list.
H. Registration for Visits

A visitor shall enter and exit at the Entry Building.
A visitor shall report directly to the Security Receptionist Officer for processing.
Upon arrival at the reception point, each visitor shall register with the Officer and provide the information required by CPP 16.1.
Any false information given by a visitor to gain entry shall be cause for the visit to be refused or terminated.
Visitors shall empty their pockets and submit all items to the Officer to be searched.
An adult visitor shall be allowed to bring a maximum of $40.00 in one-dollar bills or change for the purchase of food and soft drinks from vending machines.
A visitor shall be required to leave all unauthorized items in his locked vehicle.
A visitor shall proceed through the metal detector. If the metal detector is activated, the visitor shall remove any metal objects and go through the metal detector again until the metal detector is not activated. The Officer may choose to utilize a hand held metal detector.
A visitor shall be stamped for clearance prior to entering the visiting area.
The Security Receptionist shall notify Central Control of the number of visitors being allowed entry. Central Control shall allow visitors access through the doors to the holding area in visiting.
Upon entrance to the holding area, the visitor shall be processed into Visitation by Visiting Room staff. The Visiting Room staff shall contact the inmate's dormitory and advise him of the visit.
A visitor may exit prior to 2:00 p.m., but shall not be allowed to return that day.
Tobacco products shall not be allowed in the visiting area.
Copies of the visiting policy shall be made available to visitors upon request.
I. Special Visits

The Green River Correctional Complex shall encourage special visits as outlined in CPP 16.1. In addition, the following guidelines shall apply:
a. Attorney and clergy visits shall be allowed during regular visiting hours. Attorneys and clergy who require other special arrangements shall receive prior approval from the Warden or his designee twenty-four (24) hours in advance.
b. The normal registration procedures shall be adhered to.
c. Papers or other items shall not be allowed unless approved by the Shift Supervisor.
d. The inmate shall be allowed to sign legal documents; however, any exchange of documents shall be done through the Post Office.
Special visits to an inmate admitted to an outside hospital may only be permitted upon prior approval of the Warden or his designee and shall be subject to the hospital's visiting regulations.
J. Prohibited Visitors

In accordance with CPP 16.1 certain visitors shall be excluded from visiting. In addition, visitors may be excluded in the following circumstances:
a. The visitor is detrimental to the inmate's rehabilitation.
b. The visitor is a current correctional employee, or former correctional employee who has not received prior written permission from the Warden or his designee to visit. This shall include those under personal service contract, volunteers or canteen workers.
c. The visitor is improperly dressed. (See Section K)
d. The visitor uses profanity or becomes disruptive at any time.
e. The visitor is presently restricted from visiting any institution within the Department of Corrections. A record of prohibited visitors shall be maintained at the Green River Correctional Complex.
f. Any person may be prohibited from visiting as determined by the Shift Supervisor or Duty Officer.
i. A visitor prohibited from visiting shall be required to submit a written request to the Warden, or his designee, to seek approval for visiting to resume.
ii. A visitor prohibited as a result of being a convicted felon shall include in the written request, information such as his full legal name, social security number, race, and date of birth.
K. Visitor Dress Code

A visitor shall not be allowed admittance if he is dressed in a manner that may generally be considered as lewd, sexually suggestive, or that may disrupt the positive family atmosphere provided by the Green River Correctional Complex.
A visitor shall wear closed toe and heel shoes. Sandals shall not be permitted.
Male visitors may wear mid-thigh shorts and sleeved shirts. Tank tops, cut-offs or see-through clothing shall not be permitted.
For female visitors, undergarments, including slips with dresses or skirts, shall be worn at all times, and clothing shall cover the midriff and bosom. Blouses shall have sleeves and be buttoned so the cleavage may not be viewed. Shorts may be worn but shall be mid-thigh. Dresses and skirts shall be no more than two (2) inches above the knee. Skirts above the knee with a split of more than two (2) inches shall not be allowed. Wrap around skirts, tank tops, cut-offs, halter tops, mini skirts, short-shorts, leggings and spandex pants or see-through clothing shall not be allowed.
A visitor shall not be allowed to wear clothing, hats or emblems, which may be considered inflammatory or obscene.
A visitor shall not be permitted to wear any jewelry except a wedding ring and a watch. A visitor with more jewelry shall be required to return the jewelry to his locked vehicle.
The Shift Supervisor shall make the final determination on the dress code. The visit may be denied if the visitor does not appear in appropriate attire as outlined in this policy.
L. General Guidelines for an Inmate Receiving Visits

An inmate shall:
a. Only receive visits on the designated days unless approved by the Warden or his designee.
b. Only receive visits in the designated visiting area. Visiting in any other area shall be strictly prohibited.
c. Not be allowed in the designated visiting area until he is notified by the Visiting Officer.
d. Be required to present his identification card when reporting to the visiting area for a visit.
Dress code for inmates shall be:
a. Sleeved shirts; muscle shirts or tank tops shall not be allowed.
b. Pants, sweatpants, or hemmed walking shorts shall not be shorter than mid-thigh.
c. Footwear and socks shall be worn at all times; open shoes such as shower shoes or sandals shall not be allowed.
d. Headwear or hooded sweatshirts shall not be worn except for religious purposes.
e. Sunglasses shall not be allowed; only prescription glasses shall be permitted.
f. Jackets or coats shall be left at the door and returned at the end of the visit.
The inmate shall be frisk searched prior to admittance to the visiting area.
An inmate shall be allowed the following items upon entering the visiting area:
a. Wedding band or ring with religious significance
b. One (1) religious medallion on a chain
c. Room Key
d. Identification Card
e. Pocket size plastic comb
An inmate shall be allowed brief physical contact such as holding hands, kissing and embracing. These contacts shall be permitted within the bounds of good taste and only at the beginning and end of the visit.
An inmate shall be seated facing the officer at the desk at all times.
The inmate shall remain seated throughout the entire visit. The only exception shall be if he is escorted by the officer to use the rest room.
An inmate shall not be allowed to handle any money or operate the vending machines.
The inmate shall not receive or exchange any item from a visitor, other than the food consumed from the vending items purchased on institutional grounds. All food and drinks from the vending machines shall be consumed in the visiting area.
An inmate shall not be allowed to converse with other inmates and their visitors. Any exception shall be approved by the Shift Supervisor.
An inmate may refuse or terminate any visit upon notifying the Visiting Officer.
The inmate shall cooperate fully with the visiting staff.
An inmate shall be strip searched before leaving the visiting area.
The inmate shall be responsible for notifying his family and friends of the institutional rules and regulations governing visiting.
The inmate shall be issued a numbered card corresponding to his assigned table by the visitation desk officer. The card shall be worn on the inmate's upper chest area at all times while in the visitation area and returned to the visitation desk officer at the conclusion of the visit.
M. General Rules and Regulations

Loud, disruptive or argumentative behavior shall be cause for termination of a visit.
Profanity shall not be tolerated.
Communication with non-visiting inmates shall not be allowed.
A visitor shall be subject to search upon entrance to the institution.
A visitor shall not be allowed to leave and re-enter the visiting area.
Children shall be under control and supervised by the accompanying adult at all times.
A visitor shall be required to remain seated throughout the visit. Exceptions shall only be permitted for rest room and vending machine usage. Minor children shall be accompanied by an adult visitor if using the restroom or vending machines.
N. Dangerous Contraband and Visitor Searches - Refer to CPP 9.8

A visitor shall be pat searched, asked to show the contents of his pockets, and pass through a metal detector before entry shall be allowed.
If there is reason to believe a visitor is bringing contraband into the institution, the Shift Supervisor shall inform the Duty Officer of the information used to make this determination.
If there is reasonable suspicion to believe a visitor is bringing contraband into the institution the Duty Officer shall determine whether to deny the visitor entry into the institution. In addition, the Kentucky State Police may be notified.
If the visitor is to be strip searched, he shall be asked to wait at the Entry Building under the observation of a Correctional Officer. If the visitor insists on leaving, the Officer shall inform him that he shall be restricted from visiting at the Green River Correctional Complex until written approval is obtained from the Warden or his designee.
If contraband is found, the Kentucky State Police shall be notified immediately.
An Extraordinary Occurrence Report shall be prepared for all strip searches. The appropriate consent form shall be attached to the Extraordinary Occurrence Report.
An inmate whose visitor attempts to introduce contraband into the institution may be charged with Category VI, Item 4 (possession or promoting of dangerous contraband), inchoate offense, as outlined in CPP 15.2.
It shall be the policy of the Green River Correctional Complex to pursue prosecution of any person in violation of KRS 520.050 or KRS 520.060.
The Green River Correctional Complex staff shall act in a professional manner at all times.
O. Inmate Counts During Visits

An inmate shall be required to leave his institutional identification card with the visiting officer at the beginning of the visit.
Inmates may be required to assemble in the visiting area to facilitate the count.
The Shift Supervisor may terminate visiting in the event of an emergency count.
A visitor shall be positively identified before being allowed to leave the visiting area.
P. Transportation Information

Information pertaining to ride sharing shall be maintained in the Visiting Room.
Available public transportation information shall also be posted.
Directions to the Green River Correctional Complex shall be listed in the inmate handbook and may be utilized by the inmate to notify family and friends.
The Green River Correctional Complex staff shall provide any further directions or information required.
Q. Special Requests

Any request not provided for in this policy shall receive prior approval of the Warden or his designee.

R. Monitoring and Evaluation

This policy shall be reviewed annually and updated as required.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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