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Visiting Information
The institution recognizes the importance of visitation in the maintenance of an offender’s family ties. Friends and family are encouraged to visit, but the visiting process cannot overtax the prison’s ability to process visitors and provide adequate control and supervision of visiting. The process of establishing a visitor list is referenced in Offender Posted Policy #27:
During orientation and for two weeks thereafter, offenders are allowed the opportunity to choose up to ten (10) people for placement on his visiting list; however, no more than six (6) visitors at one time may enter the visiting room.
Establishing a visiting list may be initiated by completing DWCC Form 157, Request for Change of Visiting List, and returning it to the Visitation Department. After forwarding Form 157 to Visitation, an offender is responsible for sending DWCC Form 151 to each person he is requesting to be placed on his approved visiting list.
DWCC Form 235 should be utilized when requesting special visit requests. Special visit requests should be submitted to the offender’s Classification Officer at least ten (10) days prior to the visit. Offenders assigned to Forcht Wade should submit all requests for special visits to the Support Major.
Children 14 and under do not have to be on your visitor list and may visit with an adult that is on the inmate’s approved list. Anyone age 15 years and older must be on the approved visitor list and must have a picture ID or they will not be allowed to visit. Offenders who have a current or prior conviction for a sex crime involving a minor child who is not a family member are ineligible to visit with any minor child. However, at the Warden’s discretion, such offenders may be authorized to visit with their own biological child. The legal guardian shal submit a written request. If approved by the Warden, the visit may be contact or non-contact at the Warden’s discretion.
A person must be discharged from probation or parole supervision for more than two (2) years, without an intervening arrest, in order to be eligible to visit. In addition, any person who in the previous five years has three or more felony charges (regardless of disposition) will be denied approval to visit.
Visiting days are Saturday and Sunday only. Visitors may arrive between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM; and 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM for processing through visitation. No visits will begin after 3:00PM. NO VISITING IS SCHEDULED ON 5TH WEEKENDS OF THE MONTH, WHICH IS DETERMINED BY THE 5TH SUNDAY.
Visitors should be aware that visiting areas are designed to cultivate a family atmosphere for family and friends of all ages. Visitors should dress and act accordingly.
The following apparel is considered inappropriate and shall result in the denial of visits:
Clothing that is similar in appearance to the clothing worn by the unit’s offender population
Clothing that is similar in appearance to the clothing worn by correctional officers (i.e. camouflage, blue BDU’s, etc.)
Transparent clothing
swim suits
skirts, shorts, skorts, culottes, and dresses shorter than one inch above the knee cap or those with revealing slits
strapless, tube and halter tops; tank tops and strapless dresses; tops that expose the midriff
blouses, shirts and dresses that are low cut
Spandex, Lycra or spandex-like athletic pants, aerobic/exercise tights or leotards
underwear cannot be exposed
clothing with revealing holes or tears one inch above the knee cap
clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images or pictures; gang or club-related clothing or insignia indicative of gang affiliation.
All visitors must wear shoes; house slippers and shower shoes are not allowed. Footwear must remain on feet at all times. These restrictions apply equally to men, women and children.
The offender will be notified when someone has either been approved or denied for the visiting list. Once the offender is notified by Visitation, he is responsible for notifying the visitor that they have been approved or denied
Cash money (only) may be deposited in an offender’s account during regular visiting days. Any financial transactions including cash money, money orders (bank or postal) or cashier’s checks for deposit into an offender’s account will only be accepted at the visiting processing area.
Visitation will not be allowed while an offender is in intake status. Once an offender is removed from intake status, visitation with immediate family members may be authorized by the receiving facility at the request of an offender.
Offenders need to ensure that their name and DOC Number are indicated on all forms and correspondence.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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