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Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex

Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex

200 Road to Justice, West Liberty, Kentucky 41472

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(606) 743-2800
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Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex Visiting Information:

Visitation Times
Note: Visitors must be checked in at the Front Lobby desk no later than 2:30PM to be allowed to visit. All visits can be up to two hours in length unless the Visiting Supervisor determines otherwise (i.e. due to excessive number of visits).
Type Inmate
General Population
Behind Glass Visits for General Population
Administrative Segregation (AS) & Disciplinary Segregation (DS) D-5
Protective Custody Requests (PCR) D-9
General Visiting Rules:
NOTE: Inmates may not receive a visit during their first weekend at EKCC.
No more than three (3) adult visitors shall visit an inmate during a contact visit.
No more than two (2) adult visitors shall visit an inmate during a (Segregation) controlled visit.
Physical contact is limited to one brief kiss (no open mouth kissing is permitted) and hug at the beginning and end of each visit.
Sexual stimulation or activity shall be strictly prohibited.
Children must be kept under the parental control at all times.
Infants (0-1 year) may be held by the inmate. All other children must be seated or held by visiting parent or guardian.
All children must have Identification Card, Social Security Card or Birth Certificate before they will be allowed to visit and must be accompanied by an adult.
If a minor is accompanied by a non-parent or guardian they shall be required to have the written, signed and notarized consent of the parent or guardian. The notarized copy must have a raised seal on the document.
Infants under the age of six months may visit unlimited times without a social security number, provided the person bringing them meets all the guidelines to visit.
All minor children must have proper identification with them to be able to visit (i.e. Social Security Card, birth record, or picture identification).
All trash must be placed in the appropriate containers at the end of each visit.
Smoking will not be allowed.
Dress Code
Visitors clothing and dress shall conform as close as possible to accepted dress within the community and shall require clothing to be in good taste as not to offend other visitors, staff and/or inmates. This includes:
No spandex clothing.
No tank tops or tube tops.
Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be at least knee length.
No sleeveless shirts (to include see-through sleeves).
Shirts must be capable of being tucked into jeans, slacks, or skirts.
No low-cut or provocative clothing will be allowed, i.e., tight fitting pants, low-cut shirts, fishnet clothing.
Appropriate undergarments must be worn, i.e., bra, panties, underwear, a slip worn with a dress.
No hats, coats, gloves or scarves are permitted.
Visitors must wear shoes.
No tissue paper or handkerchiefs are permitted.
No gum, certs, candy, etc. will be permitted.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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