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Avoyelles Correctional Center Visiting Information:

Visiting Information
All persons interested in visiting offenders at Avoyelles Correctional Center should carefully read the listed guidelines below that govern the visiting process. All visitors are bound by these regulations. Visiting questions should be directed to the Visiting Department, Avoyelles Correctional Center, 1630 Prison Road, Cottonport, LA 71327. Contact Phone number is 318-876-2891. Departmental and/or institutional guidelines will be used for approval or denial of visitors. Persons receiving and/or filling out this questionnaire should bear in mind the following:
If the prospective visitor is under seventeen years of age, signature approval to visit from a parent or guardian, must be furnished in the appropriate section of the questionnaire. (Minors sixteen years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). Failure to do so will result in denial from the offender’s visiting list.
Falsification of any information will result in denial from the offender’s list.
All persons must be on the offender’s list. This includes children 15 years and older.
Do not attempt to visit any offender until this institution notifies you that you have been approved for visiting.
It is the policy of Avoyelles Correctional Center that any visitor is subject to a personal search while on institutional grounds.
The following is a list of other rules, regulations and general concerns which affect visitors while at Avoyelles Correctional Center:
Regular visiting days are Saturday and Sunday.
Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on all regular visiting days. Arrivals must be scheduled prior to 2:30 p.m.
Each approved visitor is allowed two visits per month.
Offenders serving cell/room confinement on weekends will not be allowed to visit except on the fourth full weekend (Saturday or Sunday) of the month.
Visits may last three hours. However, the Warden retains the right to determine the amount of time that a visitor may visit the offender.
The Warden may decide on the number of visitors that may visit an offender at one time. At Avoyelles Correctional Center, offenders may visit with only four visitors at any one time. This includes both children and adults.
If you are approved to visit at Avoyelles Correctional Center, you will be required to furnish positive identification each time you visit. All visitors (except minors under fifteen) must have a card with his/her picture identification on it in order to visit an offender. If you do not bring a picture identification card with you on each visit, you will not be allowed to visit the offender.
When visiting an offender, visitors are not allowed to give anything to the offender. Introduction of contraband into the institution may result in removal from the visiting room and possible prosecution by the courts. (Any controlled dangerous substance, unless prescribed in original container, illegal drugs, any weapons, ammunition or explosive devices, alcoholic beverages, cameras, handcuff keys, tape recorders, mace, cell phone or any item detrimental to the security of the institution).
Tobacco products are not allowed in the visiting room or the picnic area. Visitors may bring purses or wallets into the visiting room, but they cannot exceed the size of a standard men’s wallet. Visitors are allowed to bring a maximum of $100.00 (cash only) into the visiting room. A reasonable amount of female hygiene products and items necessary for the care of babies (bottles, diapers, small blankets, etc.) are allowed. All such items should be kept to a minimum, and will be searched to the extent possible to minimize the potential for the introduction of contraband.
Visitors may deposit up to $500.00 (money orders only) and $200 (cash) in an offender’s account while visiting. A cashier is on duty. The visitor will receive a receipt.
Intoxication, improper dress, misconduct, and loud or boisterous activity while visiting will cause the visit to be terminated and the visitor’s name to possibly be removed from the offender’s approved visiting list.
Visitors should be aware that visiting areas are designed to cultivate a family atmosphere for family and friends of all ages. Visitors should dress and act accordingly. The following apparel is considered inappropriate and shall result in the denial of visits:
Clothing that is similar in appearance to the clothing worn by the unit’s offender population (i.e. blue chambray shirts and gray or white sweatshirts are not allowed. Male visitors are not allowed to wear white t-shirts in combination with blue jeans.)
Clothing that is similar in appearance to the clothing worn by correctional officers (i.e. camouflage, blue BDU’s, etc.)
Transparent clothing
Swimming suits
Skirts, shorts, skorts, cullotes, and dresses shorter than one inch above the knee cap or those with revealing slits
Strapless, tube and halter tops, take tops and strapless dresses. Female visitors must wear a bra.
Tops that expose the midriff
Blouses, shirts and dresses that are low cut
Spandex, Lycra or Spandex-like athletic pants, aerobic/exercise tights or leotards
Underwear cannot be exposed
Clothing with revealing holes or tears one inch above the knee cap
Clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images or pictures
Gang or club-related clothing or insignia indicative of gang affiliation
All visitors must wear shoes; house slippers and shower shoes are not allowed. Footwear must remain on feet at all times. These restrictions apply equally to men, women and children. Thong-type sandals or flip-flops are permissable.
See-through clothing, or any form of seductive garment, which may include mini-skirts, split skirts, midriffs, halter-tops, tank tops, or any extremely tight or revealing clothing, is not allowed.
Special Visits may be approved by the Warden on a case-by-case basis. The offender must submit his Special Visit request in writing to the Classification Department.
The fifth full weekend of the month is reserved for offenders on Honor/Trusty status only, with Trusty offenders having the option of a picnic visit. All others will be denied visitiation.
Those offenders assigned to extended lockdown and maximum custody offenders on non-contact visiting status are limited to visitation on Thursdays only.
An approved list of items, which may be received by offenders through the mail, has been published below by the Warden’s Office.
Books, magazines, newspapers, etc. must be received by offenders directly from publishers and approved vendors.
Stamps are to be purchased in the Canteen only. Stamps will not be received through the mail.
Money intended for deposit in an offender’s account should be sent in the form of a postal money order or bank cashier check within the United States made payable to the offender. All such deposits must be mailed to: Cashier, Avoyelles Correctional Center, 1630 Prison Road, Cottonport, LA 71327. The offender’s full name and DOC number must be written on the money order or cashier’s check. Funds intended for deposit should not be placed in an envelope addressed to the offender. Cash and personal checks will not be accepted.
All offenders housed in Administrative Segregation, Extended Lockdown as well as working cellblock offenders on non-contact visits will be allowed to visit on Thursdays only, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:30 PM. Visits will be limited to one (1) hour, and will take place in the designated non-contact visiting rooms in the Visiting Building. General population offenders on non-contact visits will visit on Saturdays and Sundays. Visits will be limited to two (2) hours and will take place in the designated non-contact visiting rooms in the Visiting Building.
All visitors with disabilities will have readily accessible facilities and will be reasonably accommodated as appropriate and to the extent possible within the context of the department’s fundamental mission to preserve the safety of the public, staff and offenders. Advance notice of the accommodation requested will be necessary to ensure its availability at the time of the visit.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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4 Responses to Avoyelles Correctional Center

  1. Winona December 9, 2015 at 1:31 am #

    Good evening. I would like to send an inmate a package or possibly put some money into his account. Is the address that is listed above ( Cashier, Avoyelles Correctional Center, 1630 Prison Road, Cottonport, LA 71327) correct. It also stated that there was a list of items that is approved by the warden that the inmates may receive. I apologize but I did not see it. I only saw the statement about magazines. I would appreciate any assistance that you can give me.

  2. PrisonPath December 9, 2015 at 2:55 pm #

    Hi Winona,

    Please note the following information about sending money for an inmate:

    By Mail–

    Family and friends may continue to send money orders via mail.
    There is NO charge for sending money orders via mail.
    JPay requires a JPay deposit slip to accompany the money order. Fill Out Deposit Slip
    This deposit is mailed to JPay’s Miami, Florida address. This means that mail time to Florida is probably longer than to a DOC facility and that should be taken into account when mailing funds.
    Also, there is a two-day processing time for JPay to put the funds into the DOC account.
    And then, there is a two-day processing time allowance for getting the funds into the offenders account.
    There is a maximum amount that can be sent via mail – $999.99.
    Deposits of $500 or greater are subject to investigation.

    For additional information, go to–http://www.doc.la.gov/quicklinks/offender-info/jpay/

  3. Leonora Wixon April 16, 2016 at 6:27 am #

    My son, Patrick was transferred to Avoyelles from Winnfield. My son told me since I am the only one on his list to visit that I can visit at Avoyelles. I want to visit him today, Saturday 4-16-16. I hope I will be able to see him. If I cannot, please email me ASAP. Thanks so much, Leonora W

  4. PrisonPath April 16, 2016 at 12:51 pm #

    Hi Leonora,

    You have to contact the facility directly for this information. The tel. number is 318) 876-2891.

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