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Visiting Information
Visiting hours are from 8:00am – 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday of each week. In months where a 5th Saturday and/or Sunday occur, visitation will be allowed for minimum trustee and medium honor offenders only. Medium and maximum custody offenders will not be allowed to visit on these days. No visitor will be allowed to enter after 2:00pm.
Dress Code for visitors (following items are not permitted):
No clothing similar in appearance to the clothing worn by the offenders or correctional officers.
No camouflage, transparent clothing, or swimming suits.
No skirts, shorts, skorts, culottes, and dresses shorter than one inch above the knee cap and no slits and dresses and skirts.
No strapless, tube, halter tops, tank tops, or strapless dresses.
No tops that expose the midriff. No blouses, shirts, and dresses that are low cut.
No spandex, lycra, or spandex-like athletic, aerobic/exercise tights or leotards. Underwear cannot be exposed.
No clothing with revealing holes or tears one inch above the knee cap.
No clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images or pictures, gang or club related clothing or insignia indicative of gang affiliation. Footwear must be worn and remain on at all times.
No house slippers or shower shoes.
These restrictions apply equally to men, women, and children.
Visitors are allowed to bring the following items in the visitation area:
One (1) unopened pack of cigarettes with lighter.
Visitors may purchase a “Zip Key” from the vending machine in the Squad Room to make purchases out of the vending machines in the visitation area.
Concession tickets can be purchased out of the ticket machine in the Front Lobby. The cost of each individual ticket is $1.00. Purchased tickets (identified) are accepted for that weekend only.
Any money not being used to purchase tickets or a zip key must be returned to the visitor’s vehicle. ALC is not responsible for any money that is lost or stolen on facility property. No money will be allowed in the visiting shed.
Necessary medication (nitroglycerin tablets, etc.) must be identified upon checking-in and will be escorted to the visiting shed check-in station for safe keeping. No purses, clutch purses, waist pouches, etc. are allowed in the visiting shed.
Any visitor who refuses to be searched shall be refused entry.
Any person may be refused approval to visit / or be removed for the approved visitation list, if the visitor does not comply with the posted rules of the institution during a visit.
Any person may be permanently refused approval to visit if the conduct of the visitor amounts to a violation of state and /or federal law, such as assault, battery, disturbing the peace, introduction or attempted introduction of contraband, lewd behavior, etc.
If contraband is found on a visitor or if the visitor refuses to be searched or refuses to allow his/her property to be searched, or if the visitor violates any other rules of the institution, that particular visit may be terminated and the visitor instructed to leave the institution.
Any person may be denied permission to visit during the time of a disturbance at the institution.
All visitors 15 years of age and older must have a state picture identification card in order to visit with an offender.
All minors (under the age of 17) must be accompanied by an adult who is either a family member of the minor, the minor’s legal guardian, or on the offender’s approved visitation list. All visitors must be placed on the offender’s visitation list however minors will not be counted on the list until age 15.
Offenders who have a current or prior conviction for a sex offense involving a minor child are ineligible to visit with minor children unless they meet the criteria established by departmental regulations. This special visit must be approved by the Warden.
When an offender enters Allen Correctional Center, temporary approval shall be given to the offender’s parents, legal spouse, grandparents, siblings, and children, for a period of thirty (30) days, if listed, in the offender’s Master Prison Record (upon request of the offender). These individuals will receive permanent approval after the individual questionnaires have been returned, processed, and approved by the Warden. It is the offender’s responsibility to notify the visitor of approval or denial. Each offender is allowed 10 individuals on his approved visiting list. Legal advisors, one (1) approved religious advisor, and children 14 years of age or younger will be allowed to visit, but are not included in the 10 visitors approved on the list. Only six (6) people may visit an offender at a time (includes children). A visitor may be removed from the approved visiting list at his/her request or at the request of the offender. Special visits must be approved by the Warden.
All visitors with disabilities will have readily accessible facilities and will be reasonably accommodated as appropriate and to the extent possible within the context of the department’s fundamental mission to preserve the safety of the public, staff, and offenders. Advance notice of the accommodation requested will be necessary to ensure its availability at the time of the visit.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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