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Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia

700 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19106

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Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia Visiting Information:

Inmate visitation will commence Monday trough 08/25/2009 Page 15 PHL 5267.08B Sunday; with Tuesday designated as Legal Visiting Only, from 6:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Visitor processing will be discontinued 30 minutes prior to any scheduled institution count. There will be no inmate or visitor movement during this period of time without authorization from the Operations Lieutenant. Visiting room Out-Counts will be submitted to the Control Center 30 minutes prior to the scheduled count. Visitor processing will conclude one hour prior to the completion of visiting day;(1:30 p.m.). Legal Visits will be conducted Sunday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia Additional information:


Inmate accountability programs are implemented to ensure every inmate is accounted for while in custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. You are expected to cooperate with all counts and census checks. During scheduled counts, you are required to remain quietly in your cell until the count is announced as cleared. Failure to comply with institution inmate accountability programs will result in disciplinary action. Se han implementado varios programas de contabilidad para asegurar la contabilidad de cada preso mientras esté bajo la custodia del Negociado Federal de Prisiones. Se espera que usted coopere con toda cuenta y censo. Durante las cuentas programados, se requiere que todo preso se mantenga callado en sus celdas hasta que se anuncie un buen conteo . El no cumplir con este requerimiento resultará en un reporte de incidente. Due to our unique environment, all movement will be via the elevator. A Separation Plan is established in the institution to separate inmates who should not come in contact with one another. If you have separatees in the building, you may experience minor delays while traveling to and from various departments.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia Description:

The Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is an administrative facility, housing male and female pretrial inmates for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, all of Delaware, and southern New Jersey. FDC Philadelphia is located in Center City, Philadelphia’s Historic District.

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  1. Infinity December 25, 2014 at 1:47 am #

    I haven’t written my leettrs yet, but I found this list of guidelines to make sure your leettrs reach their destination. State laws might vary but these are good suggestions.Nervous about your first letter? Don’t be! Prisoners often say how much they enjoy hearing about someone’s day-to-day activities and interests. This is often the easiest and most important thing you can do to support people in prison. Many say they also enjoy receiving news articles (photocopied or printed from the web). The most important thing is to just get the letter in the mail. Once you send that first letter, each one that follows will be easier to write. Send a postcard, artwork, talk about your day, just please remember a few things:All leettrs must have a return address on the envelope.Please also put a return address on the letter itself, as prisoners are almost never given the envelopes.Please do not mention other nicknames you might know them by.Do not discuss their cases or anything related to illegal activities. Keep in mind that all mail is read by authorities.Pictures are allowed, but must be 4 6 size or smaller. No Polaroids.Most facilities will NOT accept stamps or envelopes mailed to prisoners. Please check with the institution.Avoid using white-out, stickers, tape, colored ink or glitter.Written correspondence and drawings may be in pencil, standard ink pen, typewritten, or computer generated. No felt pens, markers, crayon, or colored pencil, etc.All personal artwork must be in black & white, copied pages can be in color.PLAIN cards are allowed. However, you must write something inside of the card, as blank ones will be returned.Most facilities do not allow torn pages from books, magazine or newspaper clippings. Photocopies, however, are acceptedPlease always remember that, even if unsolicited, mail can still result in sanctions against a prisoner.

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