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CI TAFT Visiting Information:

Dress Code
Wear clothing that is appropriate for a large gathering of men, women, and young children. Wearing inappropriate clothing (such as provocative or revealing clothes) may result in your being denied visitation.
The following items are NOT permitted:
revealing shorts
halter tops
bathing suits
see-through garments of any type
crop tops
low-cut blouses or dresses
backless tops
hats or caps
sleeveless garments
skirts two inches or more above the knee
dresses or skirts with a high-cut split in the back, front, or side
clothing that looks like inmate clothing (khaki or green military-type clothing)

CI TAFT Additional information:

Support The BARBER AMENDMENT ~ federal good time bill.
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Support the Barber Amendment ~ federal good time bill ~ Sign the Petition on

Proposed Bill to Increase Good Time for federal offenders to 128 days a year:

Barber Amendment - Title 18 U.S.C. �3624(b)(1) is amended as follows: by striking the number '54' in the first sentence as it appears and inserting in lieu thereof the number '128' and in the same sentence, by striking 'prisoner's term of imprisonment' and inserting in lieu thereof 'term of sentence imposed.' This Amendment is retroactive. [END].


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No time limit unless space availability is limited.

CI TAFT Description:

Approximately 15 percent of the Bureau's inmate population are confined in secure facilities operated primarily by private corrections companies and to a lesser extent by state and local governments, and in privately-operated community corrections centers. Contract facilities help the Bureau manage its population and are especially useful for meeting the needs of low security, specialized populations like sentenced criminal aliens. Staff of the Correctional Programs Division in Central Office provide oversight for privately-operated facilities.

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