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2240 HUBBARD RD., YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio 44501

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Corrections Corporations of America — the nation’s largest private prison company — is bidding to renew its contract for a troubled immigrant detention center in Youngstown, OH.

But a new study uncovered insect-infested and overcrowded cells, understaffed medical personnel, and a ‘warehouse and forget’ attitude at for-profit prisons like this one.

Stop CCA from abusing prisoners for a profit: sign the petition telling the Bureau of Prisons not to renew CCA’s contract for Youngstown’s ‘Criminal Alien Requirement’ facility.

CCA’s for-profit immigrant prison in Youngstown has been plagued with violence and inhumane conditions ever since CCA took control of it in 1997. In their first year in charge there, CCA oversaw multiple stabbings, two murders and six escapes.

Living conditions got so bad at one point that the city sued CCA on behalf of the prisoners, and standards have not improved much since. Youngstown is not alone: the private prison in Raymondville, Texas, is merely an outdoor tent city stuffed with non-citizen prisoners and surrounded by razor and concertina wire.

The ACLU’s report found dirty, crowded cells crawling with insects and overflowing toilets that threatened prisoner health daily. Raymondville’s immigrant prison is so bad it earned the nickname “Ritmo” (as in Gitmo).

Private prisons are home to such abysmal conditions because of their profit incentive. They make millions off of government contracts and boost profits by cutting costs. This leads to understaffing security and medical personnel, giving prisoners little hope for their safety and rehabilitation.


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Approximately 15 percent of the Bureau's inmate population are confined in secure facilities operated primarily by private corrections companies and to a lesser extent by state and local governments, and in privately-operated community corrections centers. Contract facilities help the Bureau manage its population and are especially useful for meeting the needs of low security, specialized populations like sentenced criminal aliens. Staff of the Correctional Programs Division in Central Office provide oversight for privately-operated facilities.

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