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Employment after Prison: Case Study

In the above video, a New York bakery gives a second chance to a returning citizen. If this re-entry effort was implemented throughout the United States, we would not have twenty-five percent of the world’s inmates.

In Michigan, seven years ago, the state decided to focus on the problems of reentry. Michigan now has saved more than $200 million annually by implementing aggressive job placement programs. Robert Satterfield, a 46 year old Michigan resident was imprisoned for almost six years for embezzlement. For months, he was unable to find employment. A successful reentry program, 70Times 7, gave him guidance and training. The program found a job for him with a local metalworking company. During a 16 month period, he received several raises, and was earning $13.00 an hour. The company owner stated that he has six former inmates employed and they were among his best employees.

For our fellow Americans who agonize over alleged coddling of former inmates—effective re-entry programs actually benefits society in the end. Lower recidivism rates translates into lower crime rates, less prisons, more taxpayer’s monies available for education, etc., and a more productive society.

By Bradley Schwartz
Founder of prisonpath

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  1. PrisonPath July 27, 2015 at 6:17 pm #

    Outstanding initiative – congratulations.

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