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Western Tidewater Regional Jail

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Western Tidewater Regional Jail Visiting Information:


A. Visiting is a privilege and will be extended to inmates as described below.
a. Visitor Guidelines
a WTRJ is committed to encouraging relationships between inmates, their family and friends. We strongly feel that visitation is an important part of inmate rehabilitation. At the same time WTRJ must provide for the safety/security of the facility, staff, inmates, and most importantly, the safety of other visitors, the public and you.

b. Visitation Termination
Your visit will be terminated if:
1. The inmate violates any established rules and regulations.
2. The visitor does not comply with the rules and regulations governing visitation.
Note: ALL visitors are subject to search. Refusal to be searched will cancel your visit.
Note: All visitors must acknowledge that visitation is a privilege and may be suspended. Violation of the privilege may result in disciplinary action against inmate/visitor. Inmates on administrative/disciplinary segregation or in control status may be denied visitation.
c. Visitors Per Inmate
Due to increased occupancy and limited visitation space, WTRJ limits lobby and visitor panel access only to authorized visitors.
d. Inmate and Visitor Rules and Regulations
1. Inmates are allowed one (1) twenty (20) minute visit.
2. Visitors must be on the inmates Request for Visitation PrPrivileges form (RVP).
3. Visitors MUST be signed in thirty (30)minutes prior to the stastart of the visitation time (see schedule).
4. ALL visitors MUST be 16 years of age or older with a valid dridrivers license, ID, military ID, passport or school ID.
5. Visitors will NOT be allowed to switch phones AT ALL.
6. When the phone is terminated, visitor must immediately exit th the facility.
7. Visitors are prohibited from leaving personal items unattended in inthe lobby area. Items may be stored in provided public lockers or secured in vehicles.
8. NO unattended children in the lobby.
e. Items Allowed in Visitation Panel/Building Keys - Example: Car Keys or House Keys
f. Items NOT allowed in Visitation Panel/Building

g. Dress Code
1. Shirt and shoes mandatory
2. Clothing that expose an undue amount of flesh(ex. exposing chest, back, br breast,thighs, or midsections) is prohibited. Sleeveless shirts will NOT be allowed
3. Bermuda-length shorts may be worn provided they are NOT to exceed momore than (3”) above the kneecap.
4. NO sleeveless dresses will be allowed, dresses and skirt hems are NOT to exceed more than (3”) above the kneecap.
5. Any article of clothing with a picture or language that may be considered profane or offensive by the current public or WTRJ staff will NOT be al allowed.
6. Clothing designed or intended to be tightly worn, to excessively accent the body (ex. spandex, tights, leggings, tank tops, etc.) is prohibited.
Visitors may wear casual dress that is reasonable and appropriate.
WTRJ reserves the right to refuse admittance to inappropriately dressed visitors.
h. Housing Unit Visitation Schedule

Monday Bravo 1 7:00pm
2 7:30pm
3 8:00pm
4 8:30pm
5 9:00pm
6 9:30pm
Tuesday Charlie 1 7:00pm
2 7:30pm
3 8:00pm
4 8:30pm
5 9:00pm
6 9:30pm
Wednesday Delta 1 7:00pm
2 7:30pm
3 8:00pm
4 8:30pm
5 9:00pm
6 9:30pm
Thursday Echo 1 7:00pm
2 7:30pm
3 8:00pm
4 8:30pm
5 9:00pm
6 9:30pm
Friday Foxtrot (non worker) 1 7:00pm
2 7:30pm
3 8:00pm
4 8:30pm
Saturday *Alpha 1 7:00pm
*Alpha Block Only 2 7:30pm
3 8:00pm
Sunday **Work Programs F-4 9:00am
E-7 1:00pm
E-8 3:00pm
B-7 7:00pm

Western Tidewater Regional Jail Additional information:

Telephone Calls :

To maintain community ties and contact with attorneys, each inmate shall have equal and adequate access to a telephone located within each housing area. They are permitted 2 collect phone calls when first processed in the intake area.

Telephone calls are either collect or directly debited, at the time of the call, from the inmate´s account held at the facility. To make collect call billing arrangements, the inmate or a family member or friend may contact Inmate Telephone Incorporated (ITI) directly at 814-949-3303 or via the Internet at www.inmatetelephone.com/itibillpay or www.offenderconnect.com.

Deposits to an inmate’s Canteen Fund can also be made using the KIOSK in the jail lobby. These funds can be used by the inmate for Debit calls.

Telephone equipment is designed for outgoing debit and collect calls only and limited to 15 minutes in duration to ensure equitable access to telephones for all inmates in the housing area.

Inmates may have telephone privileges terminated for disciplinary reasons .

All telephones calls are monitored and subject to recording .

Telephones will not be used after 10:45 p.m. or before 10:00 a.m.

Telephone calls to attorneys or other legal representatives shall be permitted to all inmates on a collect basis. Inmates desiring to make attorney calls may do so using the inmate telephone system in the housing area.

All incoming emergency phone calls shall be forwarded to the Shift Commander for scrutiny. If the incoming call is determined to be a valid emergency, the inmate shall be notified and given the opportunity to call the party and phone number received by the Shift Commander. The Shift Commander on duty receiving the call will verify the call by contacting the hospital, funeral home or appropriate family member to ensure the call is authentic. No general messages will be passed to inmates.

The facility has a TTY-TDD (Teletypewriter/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) available for use by inmates. The inmate is responsible for ensuring that funds are sufficient to cover the estimated cost of a call, prior to making a call.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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