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St. Joseph County Jail

St. Joseph County Jail

401 W. Sample Street South Bend, IN46601, Indiana

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St. Joseph County Jail Visiting Information:

Jail Visitation Policies
Each person visiting an inmate in the jail must have a valid state issued identification card, driver's license, military identification card or a valid passport. No exceptions.
Prior to your visitation, please note the time and day of the week that the inmate has scheduled for visitation by checking our visitation schedule. You must also ensure that you are listed as a visitor on your inmate's visitor list. Please stop in to the jail with identification to find out if you do not know. Each inmate may have up to five visitors on his/her list and that list cannot be changed for one year. Two people may visit an inmate during the assigned visitation time. Anyone who has been booked into the St. Joseph County Jail within the past sixty days is unable to visit an inmate.
All personal items must be stored in a vehicle in the parking lot. We do not have lockers available and no purses, bags or jackets are allowed in the visitation area.
NO CELL PHONES allowed in the building.

Dress Code
No mini-skirts or excessively short shorts
No athletic type clothing
No see-through or sheer clothing of any kind
Females must wear bras
No low-cut blouses or shirts
No bare midrifts or cropped shirts
All shirts must have sleeves
No hats or head coverings of any type
No holes of any kind in clothing
No tight fitting clothing, including spandex, leggings and yoga pants
No hoodies or jackets


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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