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Silver Bow County Jail & Sheriff

Silver Bow County Jail & Sheriff

225 Alaska St. Butte, MT59701, Montana

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Silver Bow County Jail & Sheriff Visiting Information:

Visiting an Inmate
All visits between inmates and members of the public occur at the detention center. All visits are by appointment only. To make arrangements to visit an inmate, please call 406-497-1048.

Silver Bow County Jail & Sheriff Additional information:

Intake and Booking
The Butte-Silver Bow Detention Center's intake / booking area is where all arrested adults are processed. Our staff uses the highest professional standards while maintaining the respect and dignity of those arrested. Arrested individuals are brought to our detention center and turned over to our booking officers. The intake process begins and arrestees are asked a series of questions by the booking officer.

The arrestees are then booked in, photographed, and fingerprinted. Once this process is competed, they are allowed to use the phone to contact a bondsmen, family member, or friends. If the arrestee cannot bond out or the offense is not bondable, they are transferred to the housing unit after classification. There is a $25 booking fee assessed on all arrestees

Please note the link above to the Sheriff's web site includes a daily jail roster.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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