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Shelby County Jail Visiting Information:

Inmates at the Shelby County Jail are allowed one scheduled visit per week. However, there are certain circumstances in which an inmate’s privilege to have a personal visit can be limited.

The following information applies to friends and family who want to come to the lobby of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and have a video visit with an inmate. This visit is provided at no cost to the inmate or visitor. If an inmate is currently on privilege restriction, or already has a visit scheduled for a week’s time, the system will not allow you to schedule another visit which would exceed the inmate’s allowance of one visit per week.

Visitation can be scheduled by a friend or family member by logging onto, or by coming to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and using the VendEngine kiosk provided in the visitation area.

Visitors must be approved before they are allowed to visit with an inmate and must show a valid government issued ID prior to the start of the visit. All visits must be scheduled at least 24hrs in advance prior to the scheduled visitation time. The allotted time periods for video visitation are listed below. Please note that the system automatically allows each inmate only one visit per week and the system is also limited by the number of visitation monitors in each housing area.

1. No loud, foul or offensive language can be used during a visit

2. No nudity allowed

3. Children are allowed to visit as long as they do not disturb other ongoing visits

4. Visitors can only visit with two separate inmates per week

5. Visits that are scheduled on the lobby kiosk will not begin any sooner than 15 minutes after the scheduling is completed.

6. Visits can be scheduled as far out as two weeks away

7. Visitors are not allowed to participate in “inmate swapping” of visits

8. Visitors are not allowed to use cell phones or tablet devices during a visit

9. Visitors must be respectful of others who are also visiting in the lobby

10. Visitors who are subject to a protection from abuse order with an inmate may not visit

11. Juvenile (under 18) visitors may only visit when accompanied by an adult unless approved by a supervisor

12. Visits may be terminated at an officer’s discretion

13. Visitors can not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

14. Adult visitors must have a state or government issued identification in their possession when visiting

15. Visitors must use their correct and current identifying information when scheduling a visit

16. ALL visits except privileged attorney visits are subject to recording and monitoring

Shelby County Jail Additional information:

There are various ways to make bond on charges at the Shelby County Jail. Below you will find a detailed explanation of each.

CASH BOND: Cash in the amount of the total bond. This must be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made out to Mary Harris, Clerk of Court. The balance of a cash bond will be returned to the defendant after any outstanding fines and costs on any and all cases are deducted.

GOVPAYNET: Citizens who wish to make cash bail payments may do so using GovPayNet SM . GovPayNet accepts major credit and debit cards for cash bail twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on-site, online ( or by phone (1-877-EZBAIL5). Cardholders can make payments on their own behalf or on behalf of friends or family. They need only know some basic information about the arrestee and the bail amount, information that the Shelby County Jail can provide prior to the cardholder contacting GovPayNet. For convenience, GovPayNet’s dedicated, bilingual Bail Specialists are available around the clock should cardholders require additional help.

PROPERTY BOND: If the property is in Shelby County, we can approve the bond here. If the property is located in another county, you will have to go to that county’s Sheriff’s Office to have the bond approved. Upon approval bring the bond papers to the Shelby County Jail. Out of county property bonds will be required to meet that particular county’s requirement for bonds.

Only one property is needed to make a property bond as long as the property is valued at or above the amount of the bond. Multiple bonds can be made using the same property so long as the total amount of the bonds does NOT exceed the property value. For example, if the property is valued at $10,000.00 one $10,000 bond OR two $5,000 bonds can be made with this piece of property.

If the property is in the name of more than one person, all people listed on the property must be present to sign the bond. The name of the incarcerated person may not appear on any property used for bail.

If the property is a commercial property, you must be able to show authorization from the company to sign the bond. All commercial property must be approved by the Sheriff or his designee.

Bonds will be approved on an individual basis and not a cumulative basis.

Unless emergency or exigent circumstances exists, bonds which cannot be approved by on-duty Sheriff’s Office personnel will not be approved during the hours of 2200 - 0600 hours.

PURGE BOND: A purge bond is an amount of money paid to the county in lieu of serving a sentence in certain types of cases. This is often seen in cases of Domestic Relations or child support. Purge bonds can be made during regular business hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday) at the clerk’s office located in the Shelby County Courthouse. Afterhours, purge bonds can be made at the Shelby County Jail. The only authorized payment type for a purge bond is a money order or cashier’s check made out to Mary Harris, Clerk of the Court. No personal or business checks may be accepted. The amount of a purge is set by a judge and must be paid in full before an inmate is released on this type of bond.

BONDING COMPANY: You may use a professional bonding company licensed and approved to do business in Shelby County. Fees for bonding company services are determined by the individual bonding companies.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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