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We at the Seward Community Jail understand that your stay at the jail could be an experience
that you or your family does not understand.
We are here to supervise your stay and to ensure your safety. We can not answer any legal
questions. We can provide you with phone numbers. Follow our directions at all times.
Failure to follow any oral or written directions of an OFFICER may result in disciplinary or
criminal action against you.
1. COMMUNITY JAIL OFFICERS are here to supervise your stay and to ensure your
safety. Follow their directions at all times.
2. If you feel the need for counseling beyond that directed by the Court, we will be glad to
contact the Seaview Community Services for you or, any local religious representative
that you may wish to speak with.
3. Daily phone service is available between 8 am and 11 pm at the Jail Officer’s discretion.
Phone calls are recorded and logged. A phone is located in each cell and there is a flat fee
of $6.99 per 12 minutes of call time. A debit or credit card is required to place a call.
Calls to the Public Defender agency are free and are not recorded.
4. SEWARD COMMUNITY JAIL is a tobacco free jail. If you are coming into serve your
jail time, leave your tobacco products at home.
5. Meals are provided three times daily. Coffee may be served at other times but no later
than 10 pm. If at the time of arrest your level of intoxication is deemed a high risk by the
Jail Officer then you will not be fed until after 12 hours. If you are brought in as a
Protective Custody, then you will not be fed.
6. Nothing other than reading material with the limit of five books or magazines can be
brought in.
7. Toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, toilet paper, towels, soap, comb, bedding,
and clothing will be provided by the Jail. Laundry will be done by the SEWARD
COMMUNITY JAIL. Showers are also provided at the jail.
8. You are responsible for the cleanliness of your cell. Cleaning supplies will be provided
by the Jail. Remember that the cells are the property of the SEWARD COMMUNITY
JAIL and you will be held responsible for any damage done to them.
9. You may be told by the Jail Officer to complete routine housekeeping in or around the
jail. General housekeeping is considered a part of the jail’s program. Lights are on high
at 6 am and turned on low at 11 pm.
10. Authorized medicine prescribed for you by your doctor will be administered and kept by
the jail. If you feel sick tell the Jail Officer. You are financially responsible for any prior
medical problems.
11. Mail can be sent or received at any time. Postage will not be provided. Mail is inspected
by the Jail Officer.
12. General visitation is offered to anyone 18 or older who is willing to comply with the
Seward Community Jail. General visitation is scheduled between 7 pm to 8 pm each
Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday visitation is scheduled between 1 pm to 3 pm. The
duration of the visit is dependant on the number of visitors seeking visitation.
13. Everyone requesting visitation will provide proper photo identification and submit to a
pat search. Should anyone refuse to comply, the visitation will be denied.
14. If you know of someone coming to visit during your stay; contact the jail and get the
approval visitation form. This form needs to be filled out in full if that person wants to
visit with you. A copy is also attached to this booklet.
15. If a security check shows the visitor to be under Department of Correction’s supervision
and/or probation, written permission must be obtained from that person’s
Parole/Probation Officer and the Jail Supervisor, before visitation is approved. All Court
ordered “No Contact Orders” and conditions of parole/probation will be enforced.
16. All visitors with felony convictions within the past five (5) years will be reviewed on a
case by case basis. Complete criminal history will be considered. This request will be
turned in to the Supervisor or Lieutenant within five (5) working days before the visit for
17. SEWARD COMMUNITY JAIL does not have an outdoor exercise yard. An indoor
exercise room with a variety of equipment is available for non-intoxicated, nonviolent
detainees’ use. It is open during the hours of 9 am to 11 pm. Use is dependent upon the
discretion of the Jail Officer.
18. Un-sentenced inmates in custody are allowed out of their cell to walk the cell block and
use the shower. This privilege depends upon the inmate’s cooperation with the
19. SEWARD COMMUNITY JAIL is a temporary holding facility. We do not keep anyone
longer than 30 days.

Please print clearly and provide all the requested information and return to the Seward Police
Department at least one day prior to the day of visitation.
NAME OF VISITOR:____________________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:______________ PHONE NUMBER:__________________
DRIVERS LICENSE#_________________STATE HELD IN:___________________
MAILING ADDRESS:____________________________________________________
CITY:______________ STATE:________ ZIP CODE:_____________
DETAINEE NAME:______________________________________________________
To be filled out by Police Department Personnel
No criminal history:_____
See attached____
Dispatcher:_____________________________ Date:___________________
Visitation approved___________ Not approved__________
Jail Supervisor


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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