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Mini-Cassia County Jail

Mini-Cassia County Jail

1415 Albion Avenue Burley, ID83318, Idaho

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Visitation Rules and Restrictions

To schedule a visit, use the kiosk in the jail lobby or go to



  • No cell phones
  • No cameras
  • No food or drink inside the lobby
  • No electronic devices (music players, mp3, video games, electric cars, toys)
  • No more than two adults allowed to visit a single inmate at one time
  • If you are not approved or are not authorized to visit you will be denied visitation


Offenders and their visitors are expected to conduct themselves and their visit in a quiet, orderly, and dignified manner.  If children are present with the visitor, they must be supervised at all times and are expected to follow all rules. 

Probationers and Parolees
Probationers and Parolees MUST have WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION from their supervising probation/parole authority. 

Consequences for Not Following Visiting Restrictions  
Failing to follow any of the rules and restrictions may result in denial of future visits and disciplinary action.  
Also the visitor will be asked to leave the premises immediately without hesitation. 

No Contact Orders
Visitors must not be a party listed on a CPOR for the person they are intending to visit.

Mini-Cassia County Jail Visiting Information:


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Mini-Cassia County Jail Description:

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