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Meherrin River Regional Jail, Virginia

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Meherrin River Regional Jail Visiting Information:


  • All visitors must arrive at the jail (or be ready by internet) thirty minutes prior to the scheduled visitation time.

  • All visitors must have a picture ID.

  • Visitor and Inmate behavior will be monitored at all times. Any visitor displaying crude or disruptive behavior will have their visit suspended. If this is an onsite visit, you will be asked to leave the premises. If it is an internet visit, the visit will be terminated immediately. At the Visitation Officer's discretion, visitors may be permanently banned for excessive displays of such behavior.

  • Appropriate clothing is required for all visitors. Examples of inappropriate clothing include, but are not limited to: short, tight, revealing and/or transparent clothing and/or pajamas as outerwear. Proper undergarments are required. Clothing should have sleeves and not otherwise expose undergarments.

  • Inmates in Disciplinary Custody will not receive visits.

  • No cell phone use allowed during any visits.

  • No current or former employees of Meherrin River Regional Jail are allowed to visit inmates.


  • A maximum of three visitors are allowed, one of which must be an adult. For any minor to visit, the parent or guardian must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. All visitors entering with a minor are responsible for the minor's behavior. No minor can be left unattended in the lobby while the adult goes to the visitation room for a visit.

  • Upon arrival, all visitors must check in with the Lobby Officer and present a picture ID.

  • Extended visits must be pre-approved and the visitor must live seventy-five (75) or more miles from the jail. A picture ID with an address that matches the approved request must be presented.

  • No personal items can be taken into the Visitation Center. Lockers are provided for visitors to use upon request.

  • All visitors must be cleared though the metal detector.

  • If a visitor is late arriving, they will not be allowed to have the remainder of their visit.

  • No shows are treated as a visit.

  • Once a visit starts, visitors will not be allowed to leave the Visitation Center and re-enter.

  • Only two (2) on-site visits are allowed per week and one (1) visit per scheduled visitation day, Monday through Friday.


  • Inmates are allowed one (1) internet visit per day up to five (5) internet visits per week


Meherrin River Regional Jail Additional information:

Inmate Telephones
When booked into the jail, all inmates receive two (2) free telephone calls so they can call family, friends, attorney, etc. After those two calls have been made, all called parties must set up an account with Paytel so they can receive calls from the inmate. Instructions are below.

Telephones are located in all housing areas for inmate use and are available between 9am - 10:15pm each day unless the jail is on lockdown, emergency situations, or other times deemed necessary.

All calls are pre-paid debit or collect and subject to being monitored. Calls are limited to fifteen (15) minutes to allow all inmates to use the phone. The Inmate Telephone System does not allow incomming calls and will disconnect if an attempt is made.

For additional information, please download a copy of the brochure below:

English Brochure

• put a call on hold
• forward or transfer a call

Calls may also disconnect if:

• you stop talking without hanging up
• use a cordless telephone (static)
• use a cell phone (dropped cell tower)

Money can be added to your Paytel account in any of the following ways:

• By Internet:
• By Phone: 1-800-729-9355
• By depositing money at the ATM located in the lobby of each facility
• Moneygram or Western Union
• Check or Money Order made payable to Pay Tel Communications, PO Box 19290, Greensboro, NC 27419. (All checks sent through the mail must include customer's first and last name, address, driver's license number, & PIN number when the account was opened or wish to use if you are opening an account.)

Money can be added to the inmate's Paytel account in any of the following ways:

• By depositing money at the ATM located in the lobby of each facility
• By any of the ways to add money to an Inmate's account. NOTE: It will be the inmate's responsibility to trasfer the money to his/her phone account.

For additional information about telephones, click the telephone.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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5 Responses to Meherrin River Regional Jail

  1. DAWN April 23, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    I currently reside in PA and would like to visit an imate. Could you please direct me on the visiting information?

    • PrisonPath April 23, 2013 at 11:12 pm #

      Hi Dawn,

      This prison does not provide much information on the internet. Try this link..

      You may want to look at this link to understand the prison environment.

  2. joyce s. garrett November 2, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    what is the phone # and what is the system to get money to inmate and what is the inmate visiting info.

    • PrisonPath November 2, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

      Hi Joyce,

      Please review the visitation information and the additional information about telephone communication at the Meherrin River Regional jail on our prison page. For additional information about prison life, click the 25 Rules.

  3. angie July 20, 2014 at 1:05 pm #

    how do i find out the sentencing of an imate

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