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Marion County Jail Visiting Information:

Regular visits are taken by appointment only, The Appointment Scheduling Line is open from 11:30 AM, Monday through Friday, until all available appointments are booked or 2:30 PM whichever comes first. The Appointment Scheduling Line phone number is 317-639-9300.

There are also some special categories other than regular visits that the Jail can accommodate. These special categories are listed below:

Information for Jail Visitors

Once a visitor has arrived in the visitation check-in office, they are not allowed to leave the room for any reason, or the visit is canceled.

No unattended children will be allowed in the building at any time.

During K-9 searches if a dog indicates on the visitor or clothing, the visitor who owns the property contained therein will be subject to a thorough outside body search. Any smell of contraband detected by an Officer and the K-9 will result in that visit being canceled. Visitors who leave during a K-9 search will loose future visitation privileges.

While in the visitation office and rooms, absolutely no smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted. A visitor shall have no objects in their mouth at anytime.

Visitors who wish to cancel an appointment may do so by calling 327-1554. If a visitor cancels by phone, they must do so within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment. The visit still counts towards the inmate's two (2) allotted visits for the week. Any visitor that does not appear for a scheduled appointment twice, without calling to cancel, in a thirty (30) day period, or misses three (3) consecutive appointments during any time period, will be suspended from visiting for a period of thirty (30) days. ​

Attorney Jail Visits

Attorney visiting hours are generally 7:00 A.M. to 11:15 A.M., 1:30 P.M. to 5:15 P.M., and 7:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M., seven days a week.

Attorneys must present a valid Supreme Court of Indiana Certificate of Good Standing, a valid identification document and a valid picture ID, in order to visit. Without these documents, an individual is not recognized as an attorney.

Attorneys can visit inmates, whom they represent, any number of times.

Inmates are provided an area for private consultation with their attorney.

Attorneys are not required to be on the inmate's visit list.

Inmates must be properly dressed with Jail issue arm band, shirt, pants, and footwear.

Inmates may bring legal documents only, from their cell block when going to an attorney visit.

Inmates are not allowed to receive any item from an attorney or paralegal without receiving permission from the Jail Supervisor.

Family Jail Visits

The maximum number of children allowed for each family visit is one (1). Children are not counted towards the total number of visitors, but must be listed on the back of the inmate's visitor list.

The inmate is allowed a total of two (2) family visits per month and may schedule only one of those family visits a week. The family visit counts towards the allotted two (2) visits a week for an inmate.

All children must be listed on the inmates visiting list and need to have identification for each visit. The only acceptable form of identification for children is a legal birth certificate from the appropriate government agency. The birth certificate must have the inmate listed as the parent of the child. For step children, the spouse of the inmate must accompany the child or children. The adult spouse visitor must bring the child's, birth certificate, which must have the inmate's spouse listed as the child's parent, and shall provide a legal marriage certificate. Adopted children will be permitted to visit with the proper birth certificate and proper adoption paper work, in order to prove the relationship.

Disruptive, ill-mannered or misbehaving children will not be tolerated. The accompanying adult is responsible for the behavior of the children.

Inmates who are on restriction or are housed in cell blocks designated as "Disciplinary Segregation" will not be allowed to have family visits.

Other Jail Visits

Wishard Hospital Visits

Regular visits are not allowed at Wishard​ Hospital.

Special visits may be arranged for those inmates who experience hospital stays in excess of thirty (30) days duration or for those near death. These visits may be arranged by calling (317) 630-7108.

If granted a visit at the hospital, all rules and policies pertaining to general visiting procedures apply to hospital visits.

Only adults who are an immediate family member may make a visit at the hospital.

Disciplinary Segregation (Lock-Down) Visits

Disciplinary segregation regular visits are scheduled Monday through Friday, conducted at the regular scheduled time. Disciplinary segregation visits are for inmates who are serving D.H.B. (Disciplinary Hearing Board) time.

Unless otherwise noted below, all rules and policies pertaining to general visiting procedures apply to disciplinary segregation visits.

Only adults who are an immediate family member may make an disciplinary segregation visit.

Inmates who are housed in disciplinary segregation units shall be belly-chained or handcuffed during a visit.

No clothing exchange is allowed.

Administrative Segregation Visits

Administrative segregation regular visits are scheduled Monday through Friday, in conjunction with the Jail visiting schedule. Out-of-state visits are conducted at the regular scheduled time. Administrative segregation visits are for those inmates who are locked down for self-protection or who are classified as permanent lock-down status.

Unless otherwise noted below, all rules and policies pertaining to general visiting procedures apply to administrative segregation visits.

Inmates who are housed in administrative segregation units may have visits from any active adult visitor and may have clothing exchanged.

Inmates who are housed in administrative segregation on a permanent status, due to their prior conduct and, or, escape risk classification, shall be belly-chained or handcuffed during a visit.

Inmates who are housed in the suicide prevention block are not allowed visitation.

Out-of-State Visits

Out-of-state visits are for those visitors who reside outside of Indiana. These visits are available six (6) days a week. An out-of-state visitor may visit Monday through Friday during regular appointment times. On Saturdays out-of-state visits are at 3:30 P.M.

Unless otherwise noted below, all rules and policies pertaining to general visiting procedures apply to out-of-state visits.

Appointments are necessary for out-of-state visitors and you must arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled visit. Out of state visitors may call the visitation office to schedule an appointment (317-327-1554) All out-of-state visitors must be listed on the inmate's visiting list.

Out-of-state visitors must provide two (2) forms of identification. The first ID is that which is required for a regular visit. The second type of acceptable ID must be one of the following: a valid vehicle registration in the visitor's name, a bus, train, or plane ticket showing visitor name and travel date, a current residence utility bill (gas, power, water, telephone, or cable) in the visitor's name, or a piece of mail which is addressed to the visitor and is postmarked within thirty (30) days of the visit. These documents are required to show proof the visitor actually lives out-of-state.

An inmate is allowed two (2) out-of-state visits a week.

Adult College or University students, who temporarily reside out-of-state, qualify for an out-of-state visit. This applies only when school is in session. Along with the standard required ID, students must bring a valid school ID and a Bursar's receipt for the current term.

An appointment is needed for all out-of-state children before they can visit. To schedule an appointment, visitors will have to follow the family visitation procedures to get a visit. ​


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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