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Southeast Facility--Juvenile Center (Facility)

Southeast Facility–Juvenile Center (Facility)

1810 South Lewis Mesa, AZ85210, Arizona

Phone :
(602) 506-2544
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Southeast Facility–Juvenile Center (Facility) Visiting Information:

Visiting for all juveniles is restricted to parents, grandparents or legal guardians. Approved visitors must have government issued photo identification. No exceptions. Other visitors (or family whose last name is different from the youth's) must have prior authorization from the Detention Management Team. This authorization can be requested through the juvenile's assigned Probation Officer.
Only authorized visitors will be permitted to remain in the building. Persons accompanying authorized visitors will be required to wait outside. Please do not bring friends or children with you, as we cannot assume responsibility for children since we have neither space nor staff to supervise them.
No one under 18 years of age, other than those juveniles who are detained or are being considered for detention, are allowed in the Detention Center.
Visitors are not permitted to carry anything into visiting areas. Specifically prohibited are packages, purses, food and drinks, cards and games.
Reading material may be left with the officer on duty and will be reviewed for acceptability before delivery to your child's unit. Such reading material is not considered the personal property of the child, but rather a donation to the unit.
Any visitors passing any object whatsoever to a youth will be asked to leave and may forfeit any further visiting privileges.
Visiting is a privilege and may be cancelled or terminated if it is felt that such action would be in the best interest of the child or others in Detention.
PLEASE NOTE: There may be occasions when for safety and security reasons, visitation is cancelled or shortened, without the opportunity to give visitors advance notice.

Check for the times you may visit your child in the charts below. Visiting times are different at each facility and are based on the juvenile's LAST name.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Southeast Facility–Juvenile Center (Facility) Description:

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