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Maricopa County-SE Jail Facility

Maricopa County-SE Jail Facility

1840 S. Lewis Street Phoenix, AZ85210, Arizona

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(602) 876-1853
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The District headquarters is located in the Maricopa County Southeast Regional Campus. This location is just south of the US 60 Freeway, west of Mesa Drive.
The District Staff is comprised of a District Commander (Captain); a Deputy Commander (Lieutenant); six sergeants, 50 uniformed patrol deputies, and six plain clothes detectives. An administrative staff of three civilians supports operations.
District I covers an area of approximately 1,053 square miles. Although not the largest in size, District I is the busiest of the Districts, averaging 40% more calls for service. It also encompasses a very diverse area ranging from rural farms to densely populated urbanized communities. For about six months every year, a large population of winter visitors also resides in unincorporated east Mesa as well as the master-planned community of Sun Lakes south of Chandler. Sheriff Arpaio is committed to providing professional service to residents and visitors alike.
District I borders the Salt River Recreation Area located in the Tonto National Forest. Our deputies often support and work closely with the Sheriff's Lake Patrol personnel who are assigned to the Salt River and its Lakes. The District also shares borders with several Indian Reservations and has concurrent jurisdiction over non-Indians on those parts of these reservations located in Maricopa County.
Sandwiched between the cities of Tempe and Phoenix is the small town of Guadalupe. With a population of about 6,000 residents, Guadalupe is rich in Hispanic and Yaqui Indian culture. Although incorporated in 1975, the Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services to Guadalupe on a contractual basis. The District provides two patrol beats around the clock each day. A detective is also assigned to work those cases requiring investigative expertise. Supervision, support services, and a community action deputy are also provided by the contract. The District works closely with the Guadalupe Town Government and local Yaqui leaders regarding gang suppression and community policing. A substation is located within the Town hall at 9241 S. Avenida Del Yaqui.


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