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Franklin Co. Jail & House of Correction

Franklin Co. Jail & House of Correction

160 Elm Street Greenfield, MA01301, Massachusetts

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413) 774-4014
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Franklin Co. Jail & House of Correction Visiting Information:

  • Visitors will be allowed on the premises no more than fifteen minutes prior to the visiting period. Upon arrival, visitors will complete a visitor Registration Form.

  • Visitors 17 years of age or older must present proper photo identification. A drivers license or other photo identification issued by the Register of Motor Vehicles, a Welfare Card, or Military Identification Card shall be considered acceptable. Other forms of photo identification, such as a passport, may also be considered acceptable on a case-by-case basis. Identification cards issued by a school, company, or organizations shall not be considered acceptable.

  • Youths under the age of 17 shall be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian along with a copy of their birth certificate.

  • Visitors must dress appropriately. Any visitor showing signs of recent drug or alcohol use will be denied visitation.

  • Visitors must lock all personal items in lockers provided. There is a twenty-five cent fee for the use of the lockers. Bringing contraband – guns, weapons, controlled substances, or any other prohibited item – to the facility may result in the loss of visiting privileges, as well as criminal prosecution.

Visitors who violate visiting rules may have visiting privileges suspended and could face criminal prosecution.

Franklin Co. Jail & House of Correction Additional information:

Inmate Mail

It is the policy of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to facilitate the collection, handling and distribution of inmate mail to ensure that such correspondence does not jeopardize public safety or the security interests of the facility.

  1. There is no limit on the number of letters an inmate may send or receive.

  2. Certain types of funds may be mailed to the inmate or the facility which will be accounted for and deposited in the inmate account.  Bank checks, certified checks, money orders, business payroll checks, and government checks are generally accepted for deposit.  Cash should not be sent through the mail, and personal checks will not be accepted for deposit.

  3. Soft cover authorized books and magazines will be accepted only if mailed directly from the publisher.  Any hard cover books will be secured with the inmate’s personal property in the facility property room.

  4. Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) letters or packages of any kind will not be accepted, except with prior approval from the Sheriff or Superintendent/Special Sheriff.

  5. Incoming mail shall be disapproved only to prevent interference with institutional goals of security, order or rehabilitation, or if such correspondence might facilitate, encourage or instruct in criminal activity, the contents of which fall as a whole or in significant part, into any one of the following categories:


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Franklin Co. Jail & House of Correction Description:

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