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Florence County Jail & Detention Center

Florence County Jail & Detention Center

6719 Friendfield Road Effingham, SC29541, South Carolina

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(843) 665-9944
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Florence County Jail & Detention Center Visiting Information:


When inmates are booked into FCDC they are not allowed visitation prior to a bond hearing. If an inmate fails to meet the requirements of bond he/she will be placed into our housing area.
For the first three days of housing, an inmate may have visitation on two of three days. You may call 843-665-9944 ext 300 to schedule (8:30-4:00 M-F)
After this period an inmate is allowed to fill out a form with up to 5 names of who may visit. The inmate is also required to schedule your visit and is responsible for notifying you of the time and date.
Each inmate is allowed to schedule two periods of visitation per week. A maximum of three persons are allowed to visit at one time. The allotted time may not be split to allow more than three visitors. Visits may not be rescheduled nor transferred. Plan to arrive early, once visitation has begun no one else will be allowed to enter!
Visitation – Special Needs

If you have a medical condition or special need which will not allow you to climb stairs or walk long distances, you will need your physician to fax documentation outlining your limitations. The fax number is 843-665-9954. After your physician has sent this information to us you may call 843-665-9944 ext 300 for further assistance.

Visitation – Out of State

If you are driving from out of state for the purpose of visiting an inmate, please let us know by calling 843-665-9944 ext 300 so that we can allow you some flexibility for your visit.
You must still meet the standard guidelines for visitation and bring your out of state identification with you
Visitation – Ministry or Clergy visits

Please call 843-665-9944 ext 300 to schedule your visit. Special times may be allotted to you and your visit does not count towards an inmates two visits per week. Please bring appropriate identification.

Visitation - Inmate in Protective Custody

If the inmate you wish to visit has been classified as being in “protective custody” the available visitation time is Mon-Fri 1:20pm-1:50pm.

Visitation – Work Camp

If an inmate has been sentenced by a Judge and is serving their time witin our work camp the following applies:

A – Rotation rooms 101-112 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 8:00am-9:00pm
B – Rotation rooms 201-212 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00am-9:00pm
Please call 843-665-9944 ext 300 to schedule a visit. Saturday visits must be scheduled by 3:00pm on Friday.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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