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Fairbanks Correctional Center

Fairbanks Correctional Center

1931 Egan Avenue Fairbanks, AK99701, Alaska

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Fairbanks Correctional Center Visiting Information:

Visitors are to follow instructions given by any officer or staff member. The earliest you can sign in for visiting is 10 minutes past the hour and the latest is 20 minutes past the hour.
All visitors must sign in and out. Adults will sign in children. All visitors must present photo ID (Drivers License/State ID) and be at least 18 years of age. Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. However, if the minor is a member of the prisoners immediate family, they may be accompanied by any adult family member.
If a prisoner is at an activity such as yard out, church, recreation, orientation or with an attorney, there will not be a visit.
You may only take your car key and ID into visiting. The only exception to this rule, is that if you are bringing in a baby you may take a pacifier and baby blanket. NO baby bottles will be allowed in the visiting room.
No visit will last longer than 1 hour and secure visits are not required to last the entire hour. Contact visits are required to last the entire hour due to security issues.
Visitors may be excluded for:
Security requirements
Space availability
Disruptive conduct including unruly children
Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Health problems
Refusal to submit to a search before or after a visit, including search of belongings
Improper ID
Previous violations of visiting rules
Being in jail within the last 60 days or a felon on probation
A visiting schedule is posted. First priority to prisoners who have not had a visit that day.
There must be at least one hour between visits. Each prisoner may have a group of three visitors (not counting a small child held by an adult for the entire visit).
Persons having contact visits may embrace once at the beginning and again at the end of the visit. Petting and/or sexual contact is not permitted. Individuals must sit on separate chairs, but small children may sit on the relatives lap.
Exceptions to the visiting policy may be made only with the approval of the Superintendent.


  • Hats, coats, hooded clothing, and jackets are prohibited.

  • Shirts must have sleeves, shoulders and midriffs must be covered.

  • Clothing may not have obscene or provocative slogans, logos, or other objectionable writing.

  • Shirts with buttons/clasps must be buttoned/fastened with the exception of the top (neck) button/clasp.

  • Zippered shirts, jackets, sweaters, and coats are prohibited.

  • Pants and/or skirts must extend below the knee.

  • Cell phones are prohibited.

  • Any clothing item which is transparent, translucent, low cut, revealing, provocative, or immodest is prohibited.

  • Nothing may be carried into the visiting rooms. Lockers are available to secure your belongings.

Fairbanks Correctional Center Additional information:

Reporting to Jail at Fairbanks Correctional Center
Instructions for Defendants Reporting to Serve Time
Defendant must report on the date and time as instructed by the court or Judicial Reporting Officer.
Defendant must bring picture identification and a copy of the court judgment (if possessing it) with him/her and present them to the Booking Officer when reporting.
Defendant must be drug and alcohol free. You will be given a breath test upon arrival.
Do not bring any item which is or could be mistaken for a weapon (e.g. pocket knife, leatherman, hand gun).
Do not bring any tobacco, tobacco products, or tobacco paraphernalia.
Do not leave a car in the F.C.C. parking lot; it will be towed away.
Do not bring property such as jewelry, magazines, books, toiletries. You should only bring the clothes you are wearing, any cash money, and all medications (in the original container) for which you are currently prescribed to take.
The defendant may bring money to put in a prisoner account for "commissary" purchases. Commissary is ordered on Monday and delivered on the following Monday night.
If the defendant fails to report as ordered, a warrant for his/her arrest may be issued and, among other things, he/she may be required to serve any suspended time.
What to Expect
Upon arrival at the facility you will be directed, from the front door, to proceed to the booking entrance gate. This is a restricted access road. You may NOT drive your vehicle on this road. You will be visually inspected by an officer and you will be "pat" searched. If accepted at this point you will be escorted to the booking office.
Medical staff, if available, or corrections staff will ask you a series of medical questions. Some of the questions may seem personal and out of place but are required to be asked and answered. If you pass the initial medical screening you will then be booked into the facility. You will be asked a series of identification and notification questions, possibly fingerprinted, and photographed.
After the booking procedures are completed you may be taken to a room where you will be strip searched and issued jail clothing. You will then be instructed on your housing assignment. This housing assignment could be anywhere in the facility depending on your status. After placement in the housing area you will be allowed phone calls.
It is possible, if you meet the criteria, that you may be moved to another facility. Often short term misdemeanors are moved to contract facilities within the state. Felons and long term misdemeanants may be moved to facilities within or out of the State. If you are moved to the local community residential center you will need to have someone take you at least one change of clothing, hygiene items, and money for vending machines. Have these items delivered to the Northstar Center located next to the Gold Hill Store near Ester.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Fairbanks Correctional Center Description:

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